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Report: Conor McGregor banned from club after accusations that woman was forced into SUV with teammate

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Insider claims to have spoken to witnesses who saw Conor McGregor’s entourage force a woman into a car outside of Los Angeles celebrity hotspot Delilah.

Online outlet Insider is currently investigating Los Angeles club and restaurant Delilah over claims that the establishment, ‘allows employees to be vulnerable to mistreatment by celebrities.’ During their investigation that outlet claims to have uncovered a story involving former UFC champion Conor McGregor and his entourage.

Insider quotes two former Delilah employees in their report over a supposed incident that took place this March. The outlet writes that details are ‘hazy,’ but two eyewitnesses told them they were present when McGregor and a group of friends were being rowdy at the establishment.

According to Insider one of the witnesses said at some point McGregor picked up a woman who was working bottle service and put her over his shoulder. The witness said that McGregor passed the woman onto another member of his entourage who then carried the woman to an SUV that was parked outside.

The witness told Insider they saw “fear” in the eyes of the woman who they said was carried outside. The second witness told Insider that they followed McGregor’s group as they moved outside towards where the SUV was parked. Outside that witness said they saw the woman in the back of the SUV trying to roll down the window. That witness is quoted as saying the woman was “freaking out.”

According to the witness a manager then came outside and threatened to call the police. The first witness said the woman eventually came out of the car, looking “rattled.”

Insider reached out to McGregor’s camp for comment. They were put in touch with Bellator fighter Charlie Ward, who previously fought in the UFC. Ward, a close friend of McGregor, told Insider that is was him that went to the SUV with the staffer on the night in question.

Ward told the outlet he was “making out” with the staffer when a manager looked inside the car and asked if the woman was being held against her will. Ward claimed he thought this was a joke and that then the manager started yelling and threatening to call the police. Ward further claimed that the staffer made it known she was there on her own accord, but left the vehicle. He said he did not see the woman for the rest of the night.

In their report Insider follows Ward’s account with the following comment:

There is one key aspect of Ward’s story that differs from what sources close to McGregor initially told us about the incident, but they refused to put this account on the record.

The two witnesses who spoke with Insider claimed that McGregor was banned from Delilah after the incident. However, one of those witnesses said McGregor returned around a month and a half later to eat at the restaurant, but that he left without paying the bill.

Insider said it reached out to the woman who is at the center of this story and that she declined to comment. The outlet added that the woman was still working at Delilah when they spoke to her.

Bloody Elbow has contacted a representative for McGregor and Ward and requested a comment regarding this story. At this time of writing there has been no response to that request.