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Kron Gracie doesn’t mind Cub Swanson’s four-fight skid: ‘He’s only lost to really good guys’

Kron Gracie won’t undermine Cub Swanson based on his current situation ahead of their fight at UFC Tampa.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace Kron Gracie is not one to underestimate his opponent, no matter how dire their situation might be ahead of the fight.

Paired up against seasoned veteran Cub Swanson for his second ever Octagon appearance, ‘Ice Cream Kron’ tells Combate he will take the bout just as seriously as any other.

Despite Swanson’s current four-fight losing skid, Gracie points out that Cub was only defeated by some of the best fighters in the UFC’s featherweight division, which makes it a difficult challenge in Kron’s book.

“I don’t pay much attention to that, because every fight is different from you’ve seen,” Gracie said. “His fight might be different, he has never fought a guy like me before. I don’t put too much emphasis on the fights they might have had against other people. Fights are unpredictable, no matter how many times you’ve seen someone fight. He’s tough, good, he’s only lost to really good guys in the division, so I see it as a difficult fight. I hope that all my fights can be against name fighters, who are in condition to have a good fight against me.”

Although they are both Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts, Gracie does not risk guessing what the outcome of the fight could be, or if it will even hit the mat at some point. Instead, the 31-year-old prefers to stay ready for any possibility, as long as he can have a good fight.

“Let’s see how it turns out,” Gracie said. “I’m not one to make predictions. Nobody has a crystal ball to tell, that’s the beauty of a fight. If God allows it, everything will be all right, it’s all in God’s hands. My expectation is to have a good fight, that’s what I’ve been training for for so long. I was raised to fight. That’s how a warrior’s life is.”

In his Octagon debut, Kron Gracie (5-0) tapped out Alex Caceres via rear-naked choke, back in February, marking his fifth submission win of his professional MMA career. Now, he is expected to take on Cub Swanson at UFC Fight Night 161, in Tampa, Florida, on October 12.

Despite rumors about Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s weight cut issues jeopardizing the main event, the card still is scheduled to be headlined by a strawweight bout between the former champion and contender Michelle Waterson.