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MMA Squared: Jose Aldo’s most beautiful strikes

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I tried to make a series about Aldo’s greatest strikes, but it turns out there are way too many for just one column

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Jose Aldo, Cub Swanson, Chad Mendes, Conor McGregor, MMA Squared, Chris Rini
Jose Aldo’s Most Beautiful Strikes
Chris Rini

Welcome to MMA Squared. Today I admit defeat. There’s no way to capture the beautiful striking of Jose Aldo in a single column. After about eight seconds of research, I was overwhelmed like Cub Swanson in their WEC title eliminator fight.

Then I thought I’d make it about his greatest fight, the rematch with Chad Mendes. But the story of that fight is rich and layered. I tried to make it happen, and ended up slumped over like Mendes in their first fight.

Instead I’ll tell you my favorite Aldo combination. In his UFC debut — a title defense against Mark Hominick — Scarface (as he was then known) feints a right and throws a huge left to the body. One that he’d later use to melt Jeremy Stephens.

The body shot sets up a vicious leg kick. His opponent is off balance and has no chance at evading or checking the kick. Rogan and Goldberg start the “Aldo was almost a soccer player” meme.

Jose Aldo, Chris Rini Chris Rini

The kick lands and Hominick staggers across the canvas like a middle aged man on his kid’s skateboard. Aldo goes on to fight in eleven straight championship fights and put together a highlight reel that is fundamentally and dynamically unparalleled.

Sorry I got too big for my britches this week. Jose Aldo deserves better than a single column. He goes in the category of all time greats who will be captured in a more substantial artistic endeavor. Take care of yourself and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Chris.

Jose Aldo, MMA Squared, Chris Rini Chris Rini