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Conor McGregor issues statement on suspension, brags about landing ‘final blow’ during brawl

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Conor McGregor issued a statement on his fine and suspension from the NAC.

On Tuesday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission handed out their sanctions to the fighters involved in the brawl at UFC 229. Conor McGregor was suspended six months and fined $50,000, while his opponent in Khabib Nurmagomedov received a whopping $500,000 fine and a nine month suspension (that could be lowered to six).

Khabib’s team obviously wasn’t happy with the massive fine, and his manager has issued a statement saying that the lightweight champion is ‘done’ fighting in Nevada.

McGregor on the other hand, issued a statement saying he is happy with how everything was handled.

While McGregor says it wasn’t his intention to “land the final blow of the night,” he still decided to brag about it on his very next tweet.

McGregor lost the bout to Khabib via a fourth round submission.

He will be eligible to compete again when his suspension ends this April. McGregor seems to be eying a bout against Donald Cerrone next, although according to Freddie Roach, Georges St-Pierre wants a crack at him too.