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Report: Badr Hari, three other kickboxing champs, facing sanctions for flagged drug tests

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It appears that the Netherlands anti-doping authority is investigating a few GLORY kickboxers for drug test irregularities.

James Law / GLORY

According to a story from Dutch outlet Nieuwsuur, a few prominent kickboxers allegedly failed drug tests administered by the Netherlands anti-doping agency in 2017 and 2018. They all participated in GLORY kickboxing events in those years, and are facing up to four-year suspensions.

The two fighters with the biggest names would be Badr Hari and Hesdy Gerges, who fought each other at GLORY 45 in March 2018. The other two are Brazilian Ariel Machado and Croatian Mladen Brestovac.

While the linked article is in Dutch, here is an explanation of what it entails in English:

While it’s still unclear when the flagged drug tests were administered, Gerges and Hari haven’t fought since their GLORY 51 bout, which Hari won by unanimous decision. Brestovac last competed in the promotion at GLORY 54, where he dropped a decision to Rico Verhoeven. He has fought once outside the organization since then, an October win in FFC in Vegas. Machado hasn’t competed since 2017.

It appears that the fighters will submit statements to the commission overseeing things in the coming weeks, though as mentioned in the tweets, not all the fighters are actually clear about the circumstances surrounding the cases. More information regarding this issues should come to light soon enough.