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Elias Theodorou says Derek Brunson fights ‘scared’ - Pull No Punches Podcast

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Elias Theodorou expects Derek Brunson to be his stepping stone into the UFC middleweight top 10.

Elias Theodorou’s in-cage style may not be the most crowd pleasing, but it has quietly positioned him for a run at the UFC’s middleweight elite. Theodorou and Derek Brunson have traded barbs on social media and it seems the pair are ready to throw hands.

“He is someone who has shown that he fights a little scared,” the Canadian said of Brunson, when speaking to former UFC fighter Kajan Johnson and Bloody Elbow’s Shakiel Mahjouri on Saturday’s Pull No Punches podcast. “He sometimes lets the win slip out of his hands and I have shown time and time again where I’m someone who can find a win no matter what.

“If he is underestimating me, it is to his peril,” The Ultimate Fighter Nations winner assured. “Many people have looked at me and said, ‘look at this long-haired idiot.’ They didn’t get their hands raised.”

Theodorou keeps his finger on the pulse of social media and he knows Brunson has been talking about him.

“I have heard some of the things he said in different publications. He was undercutting who I’ve fought. He said if I want to move beyond the ‘chump change’ I’m facing than I should fight someone like him. I Googled his earnings and I realized he makes all of $3,000 more than me per fight,” Theodorou noted. “I’m in the process of renegotiating my [UFC] contract and I guarantee you by the time I fight my next fight I’ll be making more than Derek.”

Fun fact, three fighters have broken their hands punching Theodorou’s “giant head,” so Brunson might want to make sure those hand wraps are on extra tight.

Theodorou was hoping to fight Brunson at UFC Philadelphia, but says the promotion has a better suited location in mind. According to him, the UFC plans on hosting an event in Canada sometime around April or May.

“The Spartan” — or “The Mane Event” as he is known on social media — also touched on T.J. Dillashaw’s demeanor after losing to Henry Cejudo at UFC Brooklyn. Theodorou understands why Dillashaw is upset with the stoppage, but admits the UFC bantamweight champion could carry himself with more respect.

“I think there is definitely something to be said about him being a little bit of a sore loser,” the Canadian shared. “He was going down there with the pure intention of killing the [flyweight] division, and unfortunately, to his end he’s the one that got killed.”

Theodorou last stepped into the Octagon with Eryk Anders at UFC 231 and walked away with a split decision victory. The Ontario-native (16-2) has won three straight and currently sits at number 14 in the UFC’s middleweight division.