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Greg Hardy: Criticisms after UFC Brooklyn illegal knee strike ‘kind of hurt me’

UFC heavyweight Greg Hardy becomes candid about his sentiments after he was criticized for throwing an illegal knee that led to a disqualification loss at UFC Brooklyn.

Greg Hardy’s UFC debut at UFC Brooklyn last weekend wasn’t as smooth-sailing as he wanted it to be. The former NFL defensive end was slapped with a second-round disqualification loss after throwing a knee strike at opponent Allen Crowder, who at the time had one of his knees on the mat.

Hardy was rueful about what happened, baring his sentiments in a rather emotional post-fight interview. But after the seemingly constant backlash he had been getting, the 30-year-old fighter recently admitted that it had been affecting him.

“I was in a bad place, bro. It kind of hurt me,” Hardy told TMZ Sports (transcript via MMA Mania). “You guys cover me for a long time, I hate losing, bro. I’m not a loser, for one. For two, I hate people thinking that I’m a cheater and just the way that it was all formed and shaped.

“It kind of hurt me, man.”

As for the illegal strike, Hardy further argued that it really was a timing issue.

“Looking back and listening to the rule, I didn’t really understand the rule,” he said. “It was a different understanding. And the crazy thing is, in my mind, I wasn’t even gonna risk it, you know?

“I was literally waiting for him to get up. I saw the knee come up, and he grabbed the back of my other leg, so it feels like he’s standing up, man. And I was trying to time it.”

Despite this setback, Hardy (3-1, with 3 wins by knockout) will get to continue his career with the UFC, according to UFC president Dana White.