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Jon Jones’ UFC 232 VADA drug tests come back positive for Turinabol, due to same ‘pulsing’ effect

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Jon Jones won’t be punished for another positive test for trace amounts of a steroid metabolite.

Jon Jones has tested positive for a Turinabol metabolite again. But like the last few positive tests, he will not be punished due to what experts believe to be a “pulsing” effect that can see the metabolites stick around for a long, long time.

Jones was forced into completing a testing program under VADA around his UFC 232 fight with Alexander Gustafsson, and like a bunch of out-of-competition tests over the last few months, a few picograms of the long-term M3 Turinabol metabolite are still kicking around, according to the California State Athletic Commission (via MMA Fighting). 33 picograms, to be exact. That came from a urine test before the weigh-in, a day prior to their bout.

CSAC head Andy Foster stated that Jones has been tested by the commission, USADA, and VADA since the weigh-ins, and all the tests of come back negative. And they’re not going to go after Jones again about it.

“I spoke with the scientists,” Foster said. “They stand by their original statement. Nothing has changed. We’ve already punished Jon Jones for the M3 metabolite, which is a long-term metabolite. There’s no grounds to charge somebody twice for the same violation.”

Jones was given what amounted to a 15-month suspension after originally testing positive for Turinabol in July of 2017. It has now been in his system for over 17 months, albeit in trace amounts.

UFC anti-drug czar Jeff Novitzky shared Foster’s opinion, saying that he was told by experts that the pulsing is possible when someone is exerting their body to a high degree, such as cutting weight or doing heavy exercise, according to the article. That might explain the weigh-in positive test but no other ones. These are only theories though, it should be noted.

Regardless, it appears that Jones’ third-round KO win over Gustafsson will stand up, and he will continue on as UFC light heavyweight champion. He still has to meet with the Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding this issue though. The UFC was forced to moved the Jones-Gustafsson event to California on short notice in December due to NSAC finding out about a string of positive tests too close to the show, which didn’t give them enough time to thoroughly investigate it. He is scheduled to address them later this month.

Jones is currently scheduled to meet Anthony Smith in Las Vegas at UFC 235 in March though, so that seems like a formality at this point.