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Coach: Daniel Cormier’s retirement plan will be ‘prolonged,’ won’t return to light heavyweight

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American Kickboxing Academy head coach Javier Mendez expects Daniel Cormier to put his retirement plans on hold.

MMA: UFC 230 - Cormier vs Lewis Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

American Kickboxing Academy head coach Javier Mendez previously stated that he is expecting UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier to put his retirement plans on hold and fight “two or three” more times. It is looking like these statements are becoming more definite.

In a recent interview with, Mendez once again spoke about Cormier’s possible postponement of his retirement, but added a caveat.

“So many things have changed, the landscape, things that were unforeseen,” Mendez said. “Now, the retirement thing is going to be prolonged. I don’t know, one fight, two fight, three fights, who knows. The best scenario is for him to fight Brock Lesnar and finish. We will see what happens, it is hard to say.

“For me, he is done with the light heavyweight division so I think he fights Brock,” he added.

Cormier set his retirement date for his 40th birthday on March 20th. If he does go through with his plans, Mendez is looking at what he intends for the other heavyweights in his stable.

“For instance, my goal is to get Cain his title back after ‘DC’ vacates later this year,” Mendez said. “Once that is achieved, I am onto the next one, then it will be Justin Willis’ opportunity.”

Former heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is already slated for his UFC return after a three-year layoff against Francis Ngannou at UFC on ESPN 1 on February 17th in Phoenix.