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UFC Brooklyn results: Greg Hardy gets disqualified for illegal knee on Allen Crowder

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Allen Crowder defeated Greg Hardy by disqualification in the UFC Brooklyn co-main event.

The UFC Brooklyn co-main event just witnessed disgraced former NFL star Greg Hardy get disqualified in his UFC debut for landing an illegal knee on Allen Crowder in the second round.

Crowder landed first to open the fight but Hardy went right after him. Hardy backed his opponent to the cage but Crowder was able to tie up. Hardy slowed down his aggression and Crowder was able to snag a takedown. When Hardy did almost make it up to his feet, took him right back down to the mat. Crowder gave up top position to Hardy when he jumped a guillotine. Hardy was able to land some heavy punches before Crowder got back to his feet.

The heavyweights traded leather across the opening minute of the second round, with each man getting in some good licks. Crowder began talking trash to Hardy and marched forward behind big haymakers. Hardy aggressively moved forward and Crowder shot in, but Hardy sprawled properly to avoid getting put on his back. Hardy then threw a clearly illegal knee to the head of his downed opponent, threw another punch on the ground, causing himself to get disqualified, as Crowder was unable to continue.

Co-main event:

Allen Crowder def. Greg Hardy by disqualification (Illegal Knee) at 2:28 of round 2 : Heavyweight