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Dana White on Colby Covington losing title shot: Take our offer, or other people will

UFC president Dana White respondes to Colby Covington’s sentiments about being passed over a title shot.

UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington was greatly upset by management’s decision to have Kamaru Usman face Tyron Woodley for the title at UFC 235 this March, instead. This had urged “Chaos” to call out Dana White and even demanded for his release from the company.

It was during the UFC Brooklyn pre-fight presser on Thursday when White said he first got hold of Covington’s rant, which he issued a straightforward response to.

“When opportunities pop up, take ’em. When opportunity knocks, answer the door. Period, end of story,” White told an MMAjunkie representative at the event.

“You can ask anybody who’s been on this stage for a long time, when we call, if you take the fight, you take the fight. And if you don’t, other people will.

“That’s how this thing goes. It keeps rolling,” he added. “When we call and we make an offer, you take it. He didn’t.”

White did mention that Covington will get his turn, but not according to his own timeline.

“He’ll get another shot. It’s just not going to be when he wanted and when he thought it was coming. Usman went in there and fought that fight (vs. Rafael dos Anjos). I said that night, I wasn’t shy about it, ‘Usman looked good tonight. I’d actually like to see Usman versus Woodley,’ and we got it done.”

From his end, Covington says he is willing to take another fight outside of a title shot, but only if it came with “undisputed championship pay.”