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Grappling Report: Gordon Ryan sets his sights on MMA

Jiu-jitsu world champion Gordon Ryan is targeting a switch to MMA.

It looks like grappling phenom Gordon Ryan is considering putting down his crown in pursuit of MMA gold.

When it comes to nogi grappling, superlatives don’t do justice to Gordon Ryan and his recent dominance in the sport. A multi-time Eddie Bravo Invitational champion, double-gold world champion and two-time ADCC medalist, Ryan has won pretty much all there is in the nogi world. While he intends to pursue the one medal that has eluded him, the ADCC absolute title, Ryan also has set his sights on a future transition to MMA.

Ryan’s initial plans for the future included making the switch to IBJJF gi tournaments, but during a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Ryan told Luke Thomas that those plans have changed:

“Gi is just not as exciting for me,” Ryan said. “I don’t want to invest time into something that’s not as fun as MMA, which is my ultimate goal. My ultimate goal was always to be the best in MMA, not the best in grappling.”

Ryan’s next outing will be against a former UFC champion in Fabricio Werdum, but the pair won’t be competing in the cage, they will meet as part the heavyweight tournament at the upcoming Combat Jiu Jitsu Fight Night.


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