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Video - Snoop Dogg on Woodley/Till: ‘Wakanda forever’

The rap megastar was thrilled to see Tyron Woodley put on such a dominant performance, and had a fitting commentary to match.

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“But did you catch that whoopin’ cuhh?”
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While a lot of MMA fans were decidedly not fans of Tyron Woodley, those that are were treated to a spectacular performance from the welterweight champion.

A man that counts himself among them is international recording legend Snoop Dogg, who has been a rather passionate fan that does his own commentary for fights. You may also remember that it led to an actual commentary gig for Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series.

And now he’s at it again, as he lived vicariously through Woodley as he absolutely mauled dangerous striker Darren Till. In a short clip posted to social media, Snoop (a.k.a. Calvin Broadus) was so excited during the fight he seemed to have thought that Woodley wasn’t fighting Till, but rather the outspoken former interim champion Colby Covington. This led to some truly amusing vitriol from the rapper.

Here’s the clip courtesy of Snoop’s Instagram account:

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King Kong.

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His commentary is as follows (language warning):

“Yeah, the gorilla done ran up on King Kong, Tyroooon Woodley! Beat his ass! F—k Donald Trump!! (As a punch to the face lands)!! F—k Donald Trump! Beat his motherf—king ass! F—k Donald Trump, n***a, beat his ass! For all the n***as out there, whoop his motherf—kin ass!! Beat his motherf—k, this motherf—ker, cuhh! Fuck Donald Trump! Whoop him!! Whoop him, cuhh. (As Woodley starts to apply the choke) Choke the dog s—t out of him! It’s the dart, they call this the dart (choke)... Tap this n***a out. Tap his ass out. Tap his bitch ass out, n***a. Yeah n***a, Black Panther, ni**a. WAKANDA, TAP OUT, NI**A!! WAKANDA, NI**A!! Wakanda forever! Fuck Donald Trump, n***a, you ain’t no gorilla. You’s a f—king ding dong. Meet King Kong.“

No, there won’t be any gin and juice jokes or quips about Suge Knight here. Let’s just hope we get that same kind of energy for the upcoming fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. Also, Killmonger was right.

Darren Till did get wind of the video though, and responded in kind on Instagram: