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Video: Brazilian MMA fighter lands cheap shot after fight

A sore loser on the Brazilian regional circuit wanted just one last shot at his opponent. If only the other guy knew that...

Courtesy of’s Instagram page.

Sometimes these things happen in MMA.

We’ve all heard the expression “don’t leave it in the hands of the judges” at some point. While it’s not the best advice considering how many things are outside of a fighter’s control, it’s at least understood that fighters are encouraged put forth all of their efforts during a fight.

On September 1st, a certain fighter still had a little something in the tank after his bout.

Wemerson Vitor decided he wasn’t exactly done playing punchyface that night after his fight with Marcelo Alves. He pretended to congratulate his opponent after he had his hand raised, and uncorked a right hand right to his face.

The referee had pulled the two together after the winner was declared in an effort for them to shake hands after the bout. Vitor took this opportunity to sneak in a cheap shot that shocked Alves and everyone else in the venue.

Not that it was a particularly good punch, mind you. It wasn’t just distasteful and cowardly, it was a godawful punch that didn’t seem to net much damage. Considering the technique and approach (as well as the reaction from Alves), it makes much more sense that Wemerson didn’t win that fight.

The incident was recorded and made its way to Instagram:

The video cuts out, but other parties including the referee rush in to intervene.

This clearly brings back shades of Paul Daley’s infamous incident in which he punched Josh Koscheck after the bell at UFC 113 in 2010. Daley was promptly collar-tied by referee Dan Miragliotta in what was arguably the most exciting exchange of the fight. Daley was eventually released and banned from the organization ever since.

As for Wemerson, there’s no word on whether or not he faces any repercussions regarding his actions.