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Darren Till: Anyone asking about my weight for UFC 228 is ‘getting slapped’

Darren Till is not in a good mood.

Darren Till doesn’t plan on missing weight prior to his title fight versus Tyron Woodley at UFC 228 this Saturday in Dallas.

But he didn’t plan on missing weight before his fight with Stephen Thompson (UFN 130) or UFN 109, when he missed the limit by six pounds versus Jessin Ayari either. As you probably guess, cutting weight is a struggle.

Even mild weight cuts can affect performance just a day after. As of Wednesday morning, Till has 12 pounds to go. Speaking with MMA Fighting.

“I’m never gonna say it’s a great cut, it’s always hard,” Till said. “But listen, I’m lean, I’m focused. Weight’s OK. I never want to stand here and say the weight is great, this has been the best weight cut. Because the fighters do that and I just don’t agree with it. It’s a lie. Weight’s not great. I don’t want to speak to anyone. I just want to get me things done. It’s business. Business is business. And Saturday is business, Friday is business. My life is this business.”

He added quite the exclamation mark.

“I’ve put my life into this, so speed bumps along the way,” Till sad. “Not making weight, you get all this attention for it. It’s like you’re the only fighter who’s missed weight in the division, in the whole of the UFC. … It’s a mistake on my part, but Friday all the talk will be done. No mother f*cker can ask me about weight again — he’s getting slapped.”

It’s not as bad as Diego Brandao threatening journalists in Brazil, but Till has work to do, and he sounds eager to ignore everything else before the biggest fight of his career.