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Jon Jones: ‘I’m staying faithful’ for a reduced sentence from USADA

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Jon Jones is hoping to get a lighter sentence from USADA, who has yet to decide on the fate of his fighting future.

UFC 214: Weigh-ins

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones remains unclear about his immediate fighting future. He is still waiting on USADA’s decision on the final sanction that will be imposed on him after his second drug test failure in the UFC at UFC 214 in July 2017.

If USADA were to throw the book at the 31-year-old fighter, he will likely be spending a maximum of four years on the sidelines. “Bones,” however, is hoping that he does get a lighter punishment and be able to resume his career.

”I’m hoping for a reduced sentence from four years but I don’t know what’s going to happen, so I’m just staying faithful and trying to do the right things and just focusing on the things I can control while waiting,” Jones told RT Sport.

As far as the blatant use of PEDs go, Jones has maintained his innocence, pointing to tainted supplements as a reason for his drug test failure.

It is something that Jones hopes to get to prove, which he says he has been working hard on for the past year.

“As far as the whole steroid situation, I never did them,” he said. “I do believe it was found in my system, a very small amount, metabolite, but I never intentionally took any performance enhancers and I’ve been working my tail off for the last year to try and prove that. Right now we are still waiting for what they are going to do.”

Once he gets to resume his career, Jones wants two more fights against rival Daniel Cormier, at light heavyweight and heavyweight.