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Watch: Jean-Claude Van Damme teaches Nate and Nick Diaz fight lessons in a parking lot

Seems like Nate and Nick Diaz got more than just a meeting with the Hollywood star when the 209 was seen hanging out with JCVD a while ago.

UFC 202 - Open Workouts Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

You’ve already read the headline, so you probably want to get straight to the video. How, or why this came about I’m sure I have no idea.

Maybe because we’re not that far removed from Hard Target’s anniversary? A movie I have the utmost respect for thanks to great bad guy deaths like this. Maybe Van Damme was the craigslist seller that responded to Nate’s “cryptic” tweet?

While the footage likely dates from a 2016 meetup that we reported on at the time, to my knowledge, this is our first time posting the actual footage of Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz getting kick movement lessons from the Timecop star.

There’s been a strange current of faux-fighters-show-real-fighters-how-to-mma in recent years. Whether it was Steven Seagal taking credit for Anderson Silva’s knockouts (who correctly didn’t take him seriously*), or Michael Jai White teaching Kimbo Slice how to punch, or this — it happens.

Maybe it helps that the sport was spawned by stuff like this.

*Sadly, Chechen warlords do take him seriously.