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Kevin Lee: I’d beat Dillon Danis into submission in combat jiu-jitsu match

UFC lightweight contender Kevin Lee says a lucrative grappling match between him and Dillon Danis has been brought to the table.

UFC lightweight contender Kevin Lee is scouring for opponents for his next fight, with Justin Gaethje as his top choice. But apparently, “The Motown Phenom” is also looking at other possibilities outside of MMA.

Lee and Bellator fighter Dillon Danis have been going at it on social media, challenging each other to a submission-only grappling match. Where and when it will take place are the least of their concerns, but a lucrative amount has been brought to the table.

In a recent interview with Submission Radio, Lee confirmed that Danis’ people reached out to his, but nothing had really been agreed on. According to him, he wanted the matchup to be under combat jiu-jitsu rules, but Danis turned it down.

“I’m not sure. They didn’t even get that far, I don’t think. His management reached out to mine and so I don’t know,” Lee said. “I don’t even think they got that far, to be honest. I think they’re thinking of a time and place. I think they went back to him and asked him if we can do combat Jiu Jitsu and then he shut it down.”

“I’ll hit him up in a few days or so once I figure out what the rest of what I’m doing is going on and really see what we talk about with that. It’s nothing to me. I roll every day anyway. I’ll go out there and roll with him. Who cares. What’s gonna happen? I’m gonna lose? So the f—k what? It will be 100 grand, so I’m not gonna be all happy about it or noting, but look, all is fair and love and war, you know what I mean?”

The concept of combat jiu-jitsu was introduced by Eddie Bravo last year, where palm strikes are allowed in each match. According to Lee, this kind of rule set would greatly favor him, even against a grappler of Danis’ caliber.

“If we did Combat Jiu Jitsu I think it’s a good middle ground. He knows he can’t take me in an MMA,” Lee said. “I’m not gonna bullshit, in a straight Jiu Jitsu match he would stand a good chance, especially with the leg lock game. And he’s just more acclimated there, he’s got a lot more experience, he’s done a lot more.”

“If we do combat Jiu Jitsu, it’s somewhere in the middle. I think it’s most fair. And then it’s a toss-up there. I mean, I think I mount and beat the hell out of him. But what can you say? I think I’d beat him into submission. Let’s say that.”