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Dustin Poirier denies Nate Diaz’s claim that he doesn’t want to fight: ‘I’m 100% down’

Nate Diaz claimed on Twitter that Dustin Poirier doesn’t want to fight for the 165-pound belt at UFC 230, but Poirier denies this.

UFC 202: Diaz v McGregor 2 Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

When I said ‘nobody knows anything’ in my last post, I didn’t think I’d be as literal as it would end up sounding.

According to Nate Diaz, the UFC claims that Dustin Poirier isn’t willing to fight for the 165-pound title the UFC claims doesn’t exist — therefore, the fight for the title that doesn’t exist doesn’t exist either.

Because word travels fast in this know-nothing echo chamber, Poirier quickly responded.

Tickets have already gone on sale for UFC 230 at Madison Square Garden, scheduled for November 3rd. If any of this inexplicably comes to fruition, that would be the second big fight stricken from the event; Yoel Romero and Paulo Costa was the other bout originally scheduled to be on the main card.

As for what any of this means, your guess is as good as mine. Diaz has never actually pulled out of a fight. And it sounds like Poirier is not about to either. As for who in the UFC might have relayed this kind of confused info, who knows — what we do know is that those guys in the production truck are usually up to no good.