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Patricky Freire: Being Bellator champion alongside brother Patricio ‘is a big thing for me’

Bellator lightweight contender Patricky Freire reflects on his win over Roger Huerta, as well as his visions of finally becoming a world champion.

Bellator MMA

It’s been a week since Patricky Freire scored a second-round KO over Roger Huerta in an entertaining lightweight scrap at Bellator 205. The elder brother of featherweight champion Patricio Freire now possesses the record for most knockout wins in Bellator history, with Huerta representing his ninth (T)KO.

Since his KO loss to Michael Chandler in 2016, “Pitbull” has rattled off four straight wins for the first time in his Bellator career, notably beating Josh Thomson, Benson Henderson, and Derek Campos along the way. This streak surely should be enough to earn him another shot at the belt.

If fans were curious as to whether Patricky’s decision to trade bombs with Huerta was part of the original fight plan, you have your answer. As Freire explained to Bloody Elbow earlier this week, he felt fatigued during the contest and believes that the timing of when he last ate played a role in his tiredness.

“I know it may have seemed that way, but I didn’t feel hurt from any of the punches,” Freire said. “Only the headbutt. That one hit me pretty hard. I felt very tired, my blood pressure dropped during the fight. I think because I timed my last meal wrongly and it didn’t sit well. I’m used to fighting at the end of the card and this time I opened the main card. I had eaten around an hour before the fight. At the end of the round I was abnormally tired and with symptoms of low blood pressure. That was the main reason I threw my strategy away and had to get into a fire fight with him, use my old game and brawl. He came at me very strongly, putting a lot of pressure, and I wasn’t energetic enough to move around. So I had to throw power against power.

Not to discredit how his opponent fought, Freire praised Huerta for his performance in a losing effort, and believes that despite his 4-8 record since 2010, he still has something left in the tank.

“Him fighting southpaw for the entire fight when his fight videos didn’t show that threw me off a bit too,” Patricky continued. “He fought very well, very smartly too, showed his experience and knowledge of the fight game. His recent record doesn’t make him justice. But I understand looking at those fight videos that his desire wasn’t there. On this fight I could see the fire in his eyes. I believe there are a lot of people he can beat if he continues with that motivation and shows up as well trained as he did against me. He’s far from done.”

Bellator’s lightweight division has been somewhat at a standstill towards the top, as current champ Brent Primus has been out for much of 2018 due to injury, and his title defense rematch vs. Michael Chandler that was originally planned for April is now happening on December 14th. Even though Freire has built up a rivalry with Chandler, he has no preference for a winner.

“My main goal is the belt,” Freire said. “I don’t care about who wins their fight, I just want to beat up the champion and get what should be mine. The way things work in MMA, I’ll probably end up facing the loser of the fight down the line too, so it doesn’t matter who I’ll get to knock out first. They’ll both be knocked out.”

While it may make sense for Patricky to wait for the Primus-Chandler 2 winner, but he doesn’t mind fighting on the undercard if it means getting his rematch with Eddie Alvarez, who knocked him out in 2012.

“Getting the belt and making history with my brother as the first time two brothers are champions simultaneously for a major promotion is a big thing for me,” he said. “But with Chandler and Primus happening, if Bellator signs Eddie I would love to fight him on that same card. But under the condition that if a replacement is needed for the title fight, I would be the one chosen for it.

The former Bellator and UFC lightweight champion is a free agent following his defeat to Dustin Poirier, and Scott Coker has expressed interest in bringing Alvarez back into the fold. Unfortunately for Patricky, he may not get his wish, as Coker recently admitted that Alvarez returning to Bellator is looking unlikely.