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Video: Jon Jones body language breakdown

Mark Bowden of TruthPlane is back to discuss the micro-movements of MMA fighters.

Mark Bowden of TRUTHPLANE is back to discuss the body language of another MMA star; this time it’s the fascinating, and unpredictable, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones.

Bowden usually works with politicians and CEOs, but he had a lot of fun looking at the micro-movements of fighters. We’ve already released his take on Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor. The Rousey vid included Bowden being spot on with the former champ being dethroned to Holly Holm. In the McGregor video Bowden deduces that McGregor has forced himself into a perpetual state of escalation to keep fans entertaining and interested.

Check out all Bowden had to say about Jones in the video above. You can check out the McGregor and Rousey breakdowns below:

You can see more of Bowden on his official site, his YouTube channel or on twitter.

We have a few more of these coming soon. Those include analyses the Diaz brothers and a breakdown of some notable MMA face-offs/stare-downs.

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