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Video - Fighter goes for wild strike after KO’ing opponent

Austin Batra could have left good enough alone, but ended up with a head-scratching follow-up.


This weekend saw another wild incident on the regional scene, as an amateur bout between welterweights Perry Hayer and Austin Batra ended with a bizarre and controversial finish.

The setting was BFL 57: Incursion. Batra landed with power less than a minute into the first round, shutting Perry’s lights off. Then this happened (h/t to Twitter user Fight For Something):

There hasn’t been an explanation as of yet as to why Batra wanted to land another strike after clearly knocking out his opponent, much less with what was essentially a Knuckle Bomb.

The worst thing about this situation is that Batra not only had him dead to rights - this was a title fight.

With this act, Batra has not only got a DQ on his record, but Hayer gets to keep his belt. Not only that, but we’ve seen organizations deal with reluctance to book a fighter after an incident like this. This goes on Batra’s record as a disqualification loss, while Hayer improves to 6-7 and remains amateur champ.

Batra’s four wins have all been finishes, and this is an excellent addition to his highlight reel until the moment he decides to pounce for the extra damage. The referee is already waving off the fight and crouched over Perry, even extending his arm to shield Perry from more attacks. This act has been widely seen as reprehensible online, as it was not only unnecessary, but reckless and dangerous.

We have yet to find out what the governing body will decide here. There may be a suspension or some form of punishment in order, as we’ve seen in the professional ranks with fighters that display similar behavior. Paul Daley was famously banished from the UFC for throwing a strike well after the final horn, as was Rousimar Palhares after repeated incidents in which he worked submissions well after the fight was called off. But with an incident like this continuing to attract online attention, some sort of action is sure to come.