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Frank Mir vs Satoshi Ishii scheduled for Quintet 3

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Renowned grapplers Frank Mir and Satoshi Ishii will be facing of in a singles contest at the upcoming Vegas event.

Japanese grappling organization Quintet continues to roll out impressive competitor lineups and dream matches. Among their specialty singles matches for their upcoming event, they’ve announced current Bellator fighter and former UFC champion Frank Mir taking on Olympic Judoka and MMA veteran and former Bellator and RIZIN fighter Satoshi Ishii.

Ishii’s been busy with both MMA and grappling, having recently won by submission against Bjorn Schmiedeberg in an MMA bout, then participating in QUINTET 1. He’s also scheduled to fight Chris “Huggy Bear“ Barnett this weekend in another MMA fight.

Mir has been a part of some pretty legendary submission, such as his bout againt Renato Sobral, as well as his Grappler’s Quest exhibition against a surprisingly agile Roy Nelson.

Ishii’s a very heavy grappler, which will make things hard for Mir to shift Ishii’s weight around. Mir’s guard game and ability to adjust while applying submissions should make this a very tough test for Ishii as well.

Another singles match was announced with surging grappling star Nicky Ryan vs MMA vet Hideo Tokoro. The event will feature various teams captained by figures such as UFC hall-of-famer Urijah Faber, MMA and grappling demigod Kazushi Sakuraba, Geo Martinez and Gregor Gracie. Competitors on the different teams include Marcin Held, Josh Barnett, Daisuke Nakamura, Craig Jones, Kelly Anundson and Vitor “Shaolin“ Ribeiro.

If you’re not used to competitive grappling, you’re in for a treat here. Some of the biggest names in grappling are taking part, and the format makes for some very exciting viewing. You can check out the promo here:

Quintet 3 will take place at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV on Friday, October 5th, starting at 10:00pm EST. The event will stream via UFC Fight Pass.