A Look at Nunes vs. Cyborg

It looks like we're going to close the year with a bang.

On Dec. 29, Cris Cyborg squares off against Amanda Nunes with the women's featherweight title on the line. Nunes asked for this fight some time ago, and after much back and forth, it's on the calendar, and barring any setbacks, should stay on and be action-packed.

We've yet to see a boring Cris Cyborg match since she arrived in the UFC, and the stylistic differences in this matchup make it all the more intriguing and promising to deliver.

Let's take a look at the factors to consider as we look toward this end of the year matchup.

Things Have Gotten Heated and Personal

When the fight was first speculated, Amanda Nunes said she wasn't able to fight until the Dec. 29 date, but Cyborg was ready to fight this month. It looked as though the camps couldn't come to an agreement until it was announced late in the summer that the fight would take place.

During this timetable, Cyborg claimed that Nunes was ducking her. Cyborg's words for Nunes intensified recently, in light of the controversy created by Nunes' teammate, Colby Covington.

Covington has taken to poking the hornet's nest to promote himself, including bashing Brazil and calling its natives "filthy animals". Both Nunes and Cyborg are Brazilian, and Cyborg recently called Nunes a traitor for being in the American Top Team camp with Covington.

She went as far as to say that Nunes disrespects her country every time that she fights.

Fighting words indeed, and fortunate for them both, they'll get a chance to settle it once and for all.

Amanda Nunes Sees This As a Legacy Fight

Nunes' camp said that though she fights and Bantamweight, she'll be even better at featherweight.

She's going into this fight with the mindset that this is a career-defining fight. If Nunes wins, she's the first woman in UFC history to hold titles in two different divisions. It would open Nunes up to a lot of great fights also, with Holly Holm fight for either title making perfect sense.

However, Cyborg will also come in prepared, since Nunes is a worthy opponent for her already beefy resume.

The Style Differences Are Intriguing

Cyborg doesn't feel like Nunes' style poses a threat, since she said that she can apply pressure but not withstand it. Nunes also gave backhanded praise to Cyborg, stating that she's no longer a one-dimensional fighter, in that she's begun putting together more techniques in her recent fights.

Both are solid both standing up and on the ground, and they have the intangibles and aggression that make for an exciting fight. They'll get the chance to finish it once and for all when they step into the Octagon on Dec. 29. They both create challenges for each other in a variety of ways.

With this in mind, we'll all have to stay tuned to see what happens when they square off, and what details leading up to the fight add to the intrigue.

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