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UFC Sao Paulo results: Thiago Santos wins by TKO after Eryk Anders collapses at end of round 3

In his light heavyweight debut, Thiago Santos defeated Eryk Anders by TKO in an entertaining UFC Sao Paulo main event.

The UFC Sao Paulo main event saw Thiago Santos stopping short notice replacement Eryk Anders at the end of the third round, as Anders collapsed multiple times on his way back to his corner. Santos has now won six of his last seven bouts, and the UFC’s #12 middleweight just picked up a finish in his first appearance in the light heavyweight division.

Anders blasted a takedown to start the bout, but Santos used the rolling momentum to bounce back to his feet. Santos uncorked some heavy kicks towards Anders but wasn’t able to land flush. Anders was able to close the distance and grind on his opponent, forcing Santos to carry his weight. Back in open space, Santos was able to score with a couple more kicks before the round came to a close.

Santos returned to his kicks in the second frame, before Anders blasted in for a takedown. Botching the takedown, Anders found himself on his back with Santos towering over him and dropping ground strikes. Anders made it back to his feet but not before eating a big knee for his troubles. Several punches landed for Santos as he backed off his opponent, but eventually the forward pressure of Anders picked back up. Santos seemed to have hurt his foe, but an accidental eye poke to Anders paused the action. Anders was able to score a late takedown right before the round expired.

Santos returned to the leg kicks to start the third round, but Anders was able to close the distance and pick up another takedown. Anders transitioned to the back and worked for an RNC, but Santos was wise to it and escaped to his feet. Santos went in for the kill with a flurry of head kicks and punches, but Anders showed superb toughness and kept throwing his left hand. Santos ended up on his back again, but worked back to his feet where he unloaded quite a few Travis Browne elbows. Anders had issues getting back to his feet after the bell and was unable to make it back to his corner, so the bout was called off. He ended up on his feet again and was able to walk around the cage, then by press row, so that’s welcome news after a scary collapse.

Thiago Santos def. Eryk Anders by TKO at 5:00 of round 3: Light Heavyweight