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Bellator 205: McKee vs. Macapa live stream, play-by-play, results, and discussion

Bloody Elbow is the place to be for live results and full play-by-play of Bellator 205 from Idaho.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and detailed play-by-play as Bellator 205 comes to the CenturyLink Arena in Boise, Idaho.

The headliner for the card will see A.J. McKee continue his quest for a featherweight title shot when he takes on John “Macapa” Teixeira. The co-main will see the undefeated Rafael Lavato Jr. taking on veteran John Salter.

The prelims can be watched right here on Bloody Elbow, starting at 7pm ET/4pm PT. The main card can be viewed on Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV) at 9pm ET/PT. DAZN is also live streaming the prelims and main card.

Join us and let us know what you think of tonight’s fights.

A.J. McKee vs. John Macapa

Round 1 - McKee with a head kick and a side kick.Another head kick. Macapa lands a combination. McKee spun and missed. He fell down but got up right away. McKee lands a left hook and Macapa is down! It’s over!

A.J. McKee defeated John Macapa via KO (left hook), round 1

John Salter vs. Rafael Lovato Jr.

Round 1 - Salter with a leg kick. Front kick from Lovato. Lovato with a left and a head kick. Lovato with a left over the top. Salter sneaks in a left. Body kick from Lovato. Two low kicks from Salter. They clinch briefly. Lovato with a glancing straight right. Lovato lands one more shot. Kind of a nothing round on the feet. 10-9 Lovato.

Round 2 - Lovato slips on a kick but Salter doesn’t jump on him. Salter with a left. He moves in with a couple of short shots. Low kick from Salter. Lovato looks for a standing guillotine and drops to the ground. Salter is staying out of danger. He moves to side and pops his head out. Lovato regains half. They’re back up with Salter holding Lovato against the cage. Lovato drops for the guillotine again. Salter is fighting it off. He maintains top position. 10-9 Salter.

Round 3 - Slow pace to start. Lovato lands a straight right. They both whiff on punches. Salter lands a short right and looks for a takedown. He can’t get it. Lovato with a winging right. Salter clinches. Salter presses for the takedown again but Lovato bodies him to the mat and takes his back. He has mount now and he’s landing big punches. Salter spins over again. Lovato lands a few more punches, then sneaks an arm underneath the chin. Salter is dead to rights and taps out.

Rafael Lovato Jr. defeated John Salter via submission (rear naked choke), 4:27 of round 3

Veta Arteaga vs. Denise Kielholtz

Round 1 - They brawl inside right away. Kielholtz looked for a throw but Arteaga took her back. She slipped away though. They clinch against the cage. Kielholtz finally exits with a left. She clips Arteaga with a left. Arteaga shoots, but Kielholtz stays upright. They trade shots at range. Arteaga with a right over the top. Kielholtz gets a takedown, then backs out. Leg kick from Arteaga. Right over the top from Arteaga, and again. 10-9 Arteaga.

Round 2 - Right from Kielholtz. They clinch. They separate, then go right back against the fence. They separate again. They both land in the middle. Arteaga scoops her opponent up and deposits her on the mat. She gets to side control. She briefly tries a reverse guard, then gets back to half. Vita takes the back with hooks. Kielholtz powers to her feet though. Leg kick from Kielholtz. Kielholtz charges in with a takedown and gets it. Arteaga is back up and is looking for a guillotine. She adjusts it and Kielholtz taps.

Veta Arteaga defeated Denise Kielholtz via submission (guillotine choke), 4:24 of round 2

Patricky Freire vs. Roger Huerta

Round 1 - Huerta with a body kick. They trade kicks. Pitbull with a jab. Head kick from Pitbull. Hard combination follows it. They brawl in the middle a bit. Another body kick from Huerta. They trade again, and Pitbull gets the best of it. They’re really throwing. Huerta stuns Pitbull a bit but he recovers almost immediately. Jump knee from Freire. Inside leg kick from Pitbull. Huerta pressing forward. Body kick from Pitbull. Left hook from Huerta. Pitbull with two counter rights and they start throwing leather again. Huerta scores with a left hook. They both land hard again. Huerta presses again and lands three shots, so Freire takes him to the floor. 10-9 Pitbull.

Round 2 - They get right back to it in round two. Huerta with a hard left hook. Pitbull catches Huerta with a left hook he doesn’t see coming though, and he’s hurt. He goes down and grabs an ankle. Huerta manages to get up but he’s very dazed. Three more shots and Huerta is back down and it’s over.

Patricky Freire defeated Roger Huerta via TKO (strikes), :43 of round 2

Undercard (7pm ET)

Johnny Nunez defeated Josh Wick via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Vince Morales defeated Justin Hugo via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-27, 30-27)

Adam Borics defeated Josenaldo Silva via submission (rear naked choke), 1:46 of round 3

BSteve Mowry defeated Ben Moa via submission (americana), 2:40 of round 1

Jarod Trice defeated Sean Powers via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Emilio Trevino defeated Sua Tuani via TKO (strikes), 1:55 of round 2

Kyle Frost vs. David Rangel

Joe Aguirre vs. Stephen Stirewalt

Bryce Edminster vs. Leon Taylor

Andrew Cruz vs. Nathan Stolen