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Jon Jones’ reduced suspension reminds of the time he admitted to snitching on kids growing up

In 2009, Jon Jones admitted that he was “always the kid who snitched.”

Somewhat surprising news broke Wednesday, showing that Jon Jones’ 48-month suspension has been significantly reduced and will actually be eligible to compete this year. The main reason for the reduction? Jones used the clause of the UFC Anti Doping Policy. This is basically the “snitching” clause, where the athlete provides “Substantial Assistance” that leads to sanctions or criminal charges against other individuals.

Interestingly enough, this “snitching” clause that worked for his benefit also reminds of an quote, where Jones admits to doing something similar growing up.

“I thought it would be so cool to be a hometown police officer,” Jones told Sherdog back in 2009. “I’ve always been a person who tries to do the right thing in life, for the most part. I’m no angel, but I was always the kid who snitched on the kids who had pot.

“I don’t want to offend the pot smokers out there, but I was kind of just a snitch. I was just down for people doing the right thing. My parents kind of raised me to be a good guy. I’ve always been down for the good side, I guess.”

It is yet to be seen which people Jones is helping bring down, but it is likely that he has been providing a significant amount of information to USADA, for him to have received a 30-month reduction in suspension.

Jones also admitted to have been using “street drugs” that included cocaine throughout 2017, during this USADA arbitration.

He is eligible for return on October 28, 2018.