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Video: The animated history of the UFC Octagon

To celebrate their 25th year in existence, the world’s largest MMA promotion put together a fun animated mini-documentary about the disputed origins of the Octagon.

The origins of the UFC and of the Octagon aren’t exactly a new story. It’s been set down before, in books, articles, and interviews. It’s a fascinating blend of child-like desire – to find out which martial art is strongest – and adult ambition. After all, the Gracies were already sure the BJJ was king, they just needed the right platform to sell that fact to America. Pay-per-view was it.

For as well covered as all that is, however, it’s never been a cartoon... at least not until now.

The UFC has finally fixed that long overlooked gap in the retelling of their personal mythos, with the release of OCTO: The Disputed Origin Story of the UFC Octagon. The 10-minute mini-doc covers the debate over the designing of the Octagon (often credited to famed Hollywood script writer, producer, and director John Milius) and the various people involved in the UFC’s first show, who have laid their own claims to the idea.

It’s a fun way to relive the mysterious early days of no-holds-barred fighting in the US as it transformed into mixed martial arts. So, check it out.