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Canelo vs. GGG 2 results: UFC fighters, sports stars react to Canelo’s decision win over Golovkin

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Canelo Alvarez won a majority decision win over Golovkin in an instant classic. Here’s what UFC fighters, boxers, and stars said on Twitter.

Boxing: Alvarez vs Golovkin 2 Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin 2 delivered everything we were promised Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada. It had all the drama you’d want out of two fighters at the top of their game (and then some).

The fight began tactically, with both fighters measuring each other with their respective jabs early on. Canelo landed several piercing combinations early, especially in the second round. His body work ratcheted up in the fourth round, where Golovkin appeared to be tangibly losing steam on his return fire.

With Alvarez’s continued and brilliant assault to the body, Golovkin was forced to the perimeter for large portions of the early rounds. However, Golovkin was never out of the fight. His jab was landing consistently, even early on when HBO’s commentary crew made it sound like he was getting dominated. It was in round seven where Golovkin ostensibly found his second wind, throwing more shots to the head, and backing Canelo up briefly.

Most men would have been insta-deaded by Canelo’s body attack. Golovkin never faded, cracking Alvarez in the 10th round in what felt like a turning point. “The hardest thing to do is change your fate,” Max Kellerman said, and that appeared to be the case when GGG steadily increased his jab, and began landing power shots upstairs. For all the talk about Golovkin’s chin, Alvarez proved equally durable against one of the most feared hitters in the sport.

The last two rounds were particularly brutal for both men (especially the first minute of round 12). Both embraced once the final bell rung.

Canelo Alvarez ended up winning a majority decision. It was a close fight (regardless of what HBO’s commentary crew told us about how fighter X should fight fighter Y in order to win), with all eyes moving forward on where both men will go from here now that both are free agents in terms of network contracts.

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Here are some of the top Twitter reactions from across the MMA, boxing, entertainment, and sports world: