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UFC Moscow results: Abdurakhimov decisions Arlovski, Kunchenko edges out Alves

Check out the results from the UFC Moscow main card, where Shamil Abdurakhimov won a unanimous nod over Andrei Arlovski and Alexey Kunchenko decisioned Thiago Alves.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Harris vs Abdurakhimov Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC Moscow main card is underway, and the promotion’s #14 heavyweight Shamil Abdurakhimov just won a unanimous decision over the #12 Andrei Arlovski. The big men went at it, with each athlete having some moments here and there, but neither heavyweight really landed anything devastating to put an exclamation point on the bout. Before that, longtime UFC veteran Thiago Alves and promotional newcomer Alexey Kunchenko went the distance in Russia. Alves was working his patented leg kicks earl on, but the boxing combinations of Kunchenko racked up enough points for him to walk away with the unanimous decision. Check out the full results below:

Main card:

Shamil Abdurakhimov def. Andrei Arlovski by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): Heavyweight

Abdurakhimov realized an early takedown to start the fight, but was hesitant to go to the ground with Arlovski. Abdurakhimov scored the same sort of takedown, but this time agreed to mix it up on the floor. Not much was down from the top from Abdurakhimov, resulting in the referee standing up the fight. Back on the feet, neither man was able to really land anything substantial.

The second round opened up with the big men clinching up in the center of the cage, followed by an accidental cup shot to briefly halt the action. Abdurakhimov caught another one of Arlovski’s kicks to take top position, as he did in the first round. Arlovski ate a series of punches as he wall walked up to his feet. Arlovski hit a brief outside trip takedown, but Abdurakhimov was quick to stand back up. A bunch of clinch grappling took place in the center of the Octagon, resulting in another trip takedown for Arlovski to finish up the round on top.

The final round saw a bit of fatigue from the heavyweights, as they stood in the center of the cage looking for their openings. An accidental eye poke from Abdurakhimov caused a break in the bout, which allowed the athletes to take a breather. An accidental cup shot from Abdurakhimov caused another halt to the action, allowing for another breather. Arlovski complained to the referee about the eye pokes of Abdurakhimov, but the official instructed him to fight on.

Alexey Kunchenko def. Thiago Alves by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): Welterweight

Alves opened up the bout with one of his patented leg kicks. A bit of feeling out took place with each man picking their shots without over-committing or opening up. Alves continued to work his kicks as Kunchenko took the center and pressed forward. The opening round lacked any major moments that would sway the round one way or the other.

The second round had a faster tempo, with Kunchenko pressing the action and backing up Alves to the cage. Alves seemed content to sit back and counter the forward pressure of his opponent. The kicks continued to fly for Alves, and he even almost kicked the referee when the official stepped in to stop the action at the end of the round.

Alves pressed forward in the final round, launching his powerful kicks in the direction of his opponent. Kunchenko regained his forward momentum and started to walk down Alves behind his boxing combos. The punches for Kunchenko were coming in groups and touching up Alves a bit. An accidental cup shot from Alves briefly paused the action, but Kunchenko got right back to work when time was called back in. A late takedown was realized for Kunchenko, even if Alves was quick to spring back up to his feet.