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Melvin Guillard arrested over bar assault while in court on domestic violence charges

It turns out that Guillard’s recent violent outburst at a night club in Denver, CO wasn’t his first run in with the law this year. The longtime MMA talent is facing multiple felonies from multiple incidents stretch back to September of 2017.

UFC 114 Weigh-In Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

It appears that former UFC, Bellator, and WSOF fighter Melvin Guillard’s recent violent outburst at a Denver night club was anything other than an isolated incident. According to TMZ, the longtime MMA veteran was arrested recently in connection with the September 3rd bar brawl, in which he had been accused of being the aggressor. Video surfaced showing Guillard striking three people – two men and one woman – among a crowd of people.

However, this latest arrest was made easier since Guillard was reportedly already in court on Sept. 10th when police picked him up for these latest charges. He was there facing further felony assault charges, stemming from two separate earlier incidents. The first occurring on Sept. 30th, 2017, when Guillard reportedly knocked unconscious and repeatedly struck a former friend, breaking the man’s orbital and nose, and requiring a metal plate implant to repair the damage.

According to a recently published MMA Fighting article, Guillard had allegedly been making advances toward the girlfriend of Jeffery Ortega, who had known the fighter for about 6 months prior. After an argument between Ortega and a mutual friend at Ortega’s house, Ortega escorted the man outside to find Guillard waiting in a car. Guillard apparently exited the vehicle, where Ortega called him a “bitch” before Guillard struck him, knocking him unconscious. According to witnesses, Guillard proceeded to punch him another five times after knocking him out.

The second set of charges were from an April 23rd, 2018 incident. MMA Fighting has the details on that case as well, which alleges that, during a heated argument, Guillard placed his hands around the neck of a woman claiming to be his mistress. The two were apparently arguing over whether or not he would leave his wife.

The reported victim claims that he cut off her breathing and shook her, and that she was “scared he might kill” her. In a police affidavit, she says that she slapped him during the altercation in order to get him to stop choking her. Officers also reported that her left eye was bruised and swollen when they arrived.

In the affidavit obtained by Fighting connected to the April case, Guillard apparently admitted to officers that he grabbed her by the neck. However, he claimed he was only lifting her to her feet to get her to leave the house they were in – for fear of waking other residents – after she refused to do so on her own. He also claimed that she slapped him after he asked her to leave, but before he grabbed her. Guillard further added that he did not strike her or have other physical contact with the alleged victim after lifting her to her feet.

The 35-year-old ‘Young Assassin’ now faces five felony charges in connection to the three total assault cases – as well as two misdemeanors and a violent crime count. The violent crime charge and a charge of second-degree felony assault are in connection to the 2017 case. Additionally, he faces one count of felony assault and misdemeanor domestic violence for the April incident, and three counts of felony second-degree assault and one misdemeanor third-degree assault from the bar fight earlier this month.

Guillard is due back in court on October 10th in connection with the domestic violence and 2017 assault charges against him. He is currently being held on a $10,000 cash bail in relation to his latest arrest for the fight at the night club. Bloody Elbow will continue to update this story as it evolves.