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UFC 227 video: TJ Dillashaw TKOs Cody Garbrandt to defend title

T.J. Dillashaw beat Cody Garbrandt yet again.

MMA: UFC 227-Dillashaw vs Garbrandt Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

T.J. Dillashaw once again beat Cody Garbrandt at UFC 227, and he defended his bantamweight title for the first time. Garbrandt came out firing, and got a bit too wild, which led to him getting countered and dropped. Dillashaw swarmed and soon after, the referee had to step in and call it.

Watch the clip below:

Here’s a snippet from our play-by-play:

Round 1 - They both throw kicks at the same time. Garbrandt with a combo ending with a kick. Nothing lands. Body kick from Dillashaw. Garbrandt misses with a spinning back fist. Body kick from Garbrandt. They both land shots that staggered each other! Dillashaw spins and misses. Cody points at the center. Dillashaw with a leg kick. Dillashaw slips and Cody unloads on him. Dillashaw fires back and drops Garbrandt! He grabs onto TJ’s hand so he can’t do more damage. He’s back up but still wobbly. Garbrandt with a right. Low kick from Dillashaw. Another right hurts Garbrandt again! Another and he’s down again! He’s back up but Dillashaw is all over him! Huge knee! He’s out on his feet! IT’S OVER! TJ DILLASHAW HAS STOPPED CODY GARBRANDT AGAIN!

T.J. Dillashaw defeated Cody Garbrandt via TKO (strikes), round 1