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Cub Swanson: I was happy to re-sign with the UFC and ‘be in a clean sport’

Cub Swanson reveals the reason that made him decide to re-sign with the UFC, after almost opting for free agency, instead.

Towards the end of 2017, UFC featherweight contender Cub Swanson was contemplating free agency for more money. At the time, he was down to his last fight against Brian Ortega, and was not keen on renewing his contract with the UFC.

Swanson did end up re-signing with the UFC early this year, despite what he says were lucrative offers thrown at him by other promotions. During Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour, the 34-year-old MMA veteran revealed what swayed him to change his mind.

“I did get some huge offers, but the companies weren’t as stable and things like that, and it was really making me really think hard. But one of the biggest things is, I’m all for USADA,” Swanson told Luke Thomas (via MMA Fighting).

“I spent a long time fighting for the company without the major drug testing, and I feel like I wasn’t a big fan of that, so I just was thinking in my head, ‘Do I really want to be fighting guys who I know are just cheating?’ And I’m not one to do that, so I was happy to sign back with the UFC and be in a clean sport.”

Fighters like Jon Jones and Anderson Silva have fallen from grace due to failed drug tests, with both men pointing to tainted supplements as the reason. Swanson, however, is not buying this excuse.

“I have a hard time believing a lot of those [tainted supplement excuses],” he said. “I mean you’re supposed to be on top of all that stuff. With our coach Sam (Calavitta), everything that we take, he’s putting a stamp of approval on it, and if we were to test positive, he’s basically putting our whole team — like, ‘Hey, we all take this stuff. We give it to USADA, this is what we’re taking. Feel free.’”

“And I feel very confident every time they test me. I’m like, yeah, come on, test me, I’m good, I’m clean.”

Currently on a two-fight skid, Swanson hopes to return back to his winning ways as he faces Renato Moicano this weekend at UFC 227 in Los Angeles.