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Darren Till says Tyron Woodley’s best attribute is his ‘intelligence’

Darren Till says Tyron Woodley’s wrestling, power and athleticism aren’t his best attributes.

Tyron Woodley is known to many for his knockout power, athleticism and his wrestling game. According to his upcoming opponent in Darren Till though, the welterweight champion’s greatest asset is his mind.

Perhaps it has to do with how they both fought a tricky opponent in Stephen Thompson, but Till says Woodley’s ability to strategize and breakdown people’s styles is his main strength.

“Everyone talks about Tyron being a power puncher, a strong wrestler, a physically strong guy. People forget the fact that he’s really intelligent,” Till said. “He’s a very intelligent guy. He knows how to break fighters down.

“Right now, I can guarantee he’s watching with his coaches how to break me down, how to beat me. That’s his skill, his best attribute,” he continued.

“I’m sort of the same, but in a different way. I’m not strategizing, I will strategize on the night and let my coach do all that. I will figure Tyron out inside the Octagon and I will beat him,” he said. “But that’s Tyron’s best attribute. He’s a very intelligent man.”

Till is normally brash and outspoken, but as his compliments towards Woodley shows, that mutual respect is never lost in the fold.

“Every fighter I fight, if I talk shit or whatever, that’s just talking shit. I respect everyone. They’ve all got something special, otherwise they wouldn’t be fighting in the highest level.”