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Trainer rips into boxer Curtis Harper for bailing on televised fight: ‘He cost me money’

Trainer Nate Campbell reacts to his fighter Curtis Harper’s stunning decision to leave the ring just one second into his televised bout vs. Efe Ajagba.

On Friday night’s Premier Boxing Champions on FS1 card, journeyman heavyweight Curtis Harper made headlines by literally bailing on his fight with prospect Efe Ajagba, as he exited the ring straight after the opening bell. Ajagba was credited with a one-second win by disqualification. Harper later told reporter Jordan Hardy that he felt he wasn’t getting paid enough and wanted respect.

Harper has not said anything to media since that bizarre moment, and it’s likely that he won’t get paid and he’ll be suspended by Minnesota’s commission.

In the meantime, Harper’s trainer, former world lightweight champion Nate Campbell, has sounded off on Harper’s behavior through his Facebook page. Among his numerous statements, Campbell accuses Harper of not being truthful with regards to his pay dispute claim.

Campbell then added that Harper’s actions cost him money, as he’s obviously not getting paid from Friday’s event, and seemed to indicate that Harper has been going after him for whatever reason.

Its sad that a guy with no integrity is trying to say anything about me period! A friend started a go fund me page I didn’t ask for it. Now this quitter is trying to say shit about me. He cost me money didn’t want to pay me for my time and then shit on the whole boxing industry! Talking about the guy that trained him couldn’t make it, judging by his physical form whoever trained him failed! He should never bring up our coach because he was using the fact I gave Doc my word to help him as a weapon. Curtis Harper is a pox! Now leave me alone, because the world saw your heart or lack there of. Oh btw he was trying to get paid. This guy cost me money and now he’s trying to make me out to be the bad guy!? I invested 10s of thousands in this mf I actually fought my last fight to put him in position to win then paid for a marginal title for him! I lost 10s of thousands!!! Now he and this woman he’s with are disrespecting me really!

That line about “my last fight” presumably refers to Campbell’s retirement bout in 2014, when he won a decision over Gilbert Venegas in the main event of a card which featured Harper in the co-main. He has worked with Harper for quite some time, including for Harper’s eight-round decision loss to Chris Arreola in 2015. It appears this incident has seemingly soured the relationship.