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Perry: Cerrone moved back to Denver because ‘no one is kissing his ass’ at Jackson-Wink anymore

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Mike Perry reveals that there is some “tension” brewing between Donald Cerrone and some members of the Jackson-Winkeljohn Academy.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Singapore-Cerrone vs Edwards Paul Miller-USA TODAY Sports

Former UFC title contender Donald Cerrone is one of the big-named fighters at the renowned Jackson-Winkeljohn Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. But as of late, he has been spending more time training at his own BMF Ranch 30 miles away.

In a recent interview with, Cerrone’s next opponent and fellow Jackson-Wink fighter Mike Perry shed a little light on this situation, based on how he sees it.

“Greg Jackson’s gonna be in his corner,” Perry said. “I’ll have [Mike] Winkeljohn and coach Frank and I believe my coach from Florida, Julian Williams. And…he (Cerrone) doesn’t come in this gym.”

“I think he’s moving back to Denver. And like, none of this going on is the reason why. Like, he was just looking for a reason to act like it was something to push him to move over there.”

“I don’t know him that well, but that’s the way it sounds to me,” he continued. “If he’s going to Denver now, cause he’s wanted to for some time… and he’s going ahead and making that move because he ain’t got a bunch of people kissing his ass over here no more.”

Perry adds that Cerrone went as far as trying to prevent coaches from training him for their upcoming fight.

“I haven’t seen it first hand (the tension brewing),” Perry said. “But I heard that he physically came here and asked them not to train me. For them not to allow me to come into the gym and to show him some respect even though… he hasn’t done anything for this gym in quite some time.”

Cerrone and Perry will co-headline UFC Fight Night 139, which takes place on November 10th in Denver, Colorado.