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Tom Lawlor on UFC release: I’m happy to be out of the USADA testing pool

Veteran fighter Tom Lawlor is actually relieved about being released from the UFC.

In 2016, veteran fighter Tom Lawlor was slapped with a two-year suspension for testing positive for Ostarine. And with just two months left in his suspension, the UFC decided to release him last week.

But instead of being disheartened, the 35-year-old fighter is actually relieved about his release, mainly because of USADA.

“I am, however, happy to be out of the USADA testing pool,” Lawlor told Luke Thomas on Monday’s episode of the MMA Hour (via MMA Fighting). “I don’t have to let them know where I am at all times and wonder about that. Those of you who [are aware of] Josh Barnett’s situation or kept abreast of that can kind of understand that not everything is fair when it comes to USADA and the UFC.”

Lawlor did request for a release even during his USADA suspension, but he was nonetheless shocked by the recent developments. He also maintains that he never used any performance-enhancing drug.

“I think it was a combination of [the UFC] getting rid of guys and my age and having not fought in years,” Lawlor said. “It’s unfortunate that the UFC has become such a large company that they don’t look at things on an individual basis, but that’s part of the game I guess, and part of the entertainment business. I just kind of have to take it and roll with it as it goes.”

“I was kind of shocked as I had asked previously for my release when I was given my USADA suspension, and believe me when I tell you that I did not intend to ingest any sort of ostarine or any performance-enhancing drug. I’m all-natural and I’ve been tested many times since then and passed all of them.”

Lawlor last fought at UFC 196 in March 2016, where he lost to Corey Anderson via unanimous decision.