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Anderson Silva: ‘Everybody in this sport’ would like to see me fight Georges St-Pierre

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Anderson Silva is ‘absolutely’ interested in a fight with Georges St-Pierre.

UFC 212 Press Conference Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

It might not be the superfight it once was, but a bout between UFC legends Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre would still be one of the biggest fights in the promotion’s history.

Silva vs. St-Pierre was teased for years back when both men were champions of their respective divisions, but unfortunately the bout never came to fruition.

Perhaps now, though, with both men nearing the end of their careers there would be enough demand to see the former champions face off in the Octagon before they finally hang up the gloves for good.

Silva certainly seems to think so, as the Brazilian believes ‘everybody in the sport’ still wants to see him lock horns with St-Pierre.

“Yeah, absolutely. Georges is the great name in Canada; I’m the big name in Brazil. I believe everybody in this sport [would] like to see Georges and Anderson Silva in a super fight,” Silva told Inquisitr in a recent interview.

St-Pierre, however, is not so keen on the idea, telling Submission Radio in an exclusive interview that he doesn’t have too much to gain by accepting a fight with ‘The Spider’ at this late stage of his career.

“Right now, I don’t think it’s a win-win situation for me, because I have a lot more to lose than to win right now fighting against Anderson Silva,” GSP said.

St-Pierre, it seems, is more interested in challenging the winner of the upcoming lightweight title bout between Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor, with hopes of becoming the UFC’s first ever three-division champ. The Canadian mixed martial artist won the middleweight title after submitting then-champ Michael Bisping at UFC 217 but vacated the belt after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

Silva was recently exonerated of a failed drug test and is free to return to the UFC in November.