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What is a weight cut’s worth? (Heavy Hands #224)

Connor Ruebusch and Phil Mackenzie talk about the practice of weight cutting, how it shows up in the cage, and who should/shouldn’t be doing so much of it.

The latest episode of Heavy Hands comes at a rare time, betwixt two entire weekends utterly devoid of UFC content. Hell, even TUF and Dana White’s Dancing with the Contenders are off the air at the moment. Shh... hear that? It’s... silent. Wow.

And of course, that means that this week, we get to talk about... well, whatever we want, right? And apparently what we wanted to talk about this week was... weight cutting? Oh. Phil’s idea, I’m sure.

Anyway, topics include

  • What does a weight advantage actually do for a fighter, in the cage, and which styles make the most of the arduous cut?
  • Fighters who simply refuse to move up in weight, even though it is so very clearly the right idea--yeah, JOSE AND YOEL, WE SEE YOU
  • Fighters who stopped cutting weight and started smashing people
  • Why isn’t Hyun Gyu Lim currently making his 8th consecutive light heavyweight title defense?
  • Questions from our listeners

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