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Show the ART: Finishers 6 full results and video

Keith Krikorian takes home $2,500 and the 155-pound tournament title

Keith Krikorian of 10th Planet takes home the 155-pound title at Finishers 6
Giulliana Fonseca

Competitive grappling was once again center stage on Sunday as Show the ART presented Finishers 6 from Lyndhurst, New Jersey. The card featured a number of top talent from the North East and beyond in multiple superfights, plus a 155 pound, 16-man tournament. At the end of the day, this event was yet another successful showcase of the growth of grappling through pockets in the United States.

In the tournament it would be 10th Planet representative Keith Krikorian that would come out as the victory when he submitted Nick Ronan of Team Renzo Gracie in the overtime period of the finals.

Ronan and Krikorian pushed the pace from the very start as Ronan attempted multiple passes that Krikorian looked to reverse into his own opportunities. Both men showed their technical IQ early in the match as they attempted multiple entries but would back away when the opening wasn’t there. The submission only format allowed them to be more aggressive with their games without the worry of giving up important points.

The first big moment of the match came when Ronan was able to cut through Krikorian’s guard and found himself with a kimura. Ronan locked in a tight armlock but Krikorian was able to stay calm and freed himself from the hold, much to the applause of the fans in attendance. This was the most exciting moment of the match as it would end and head into overtime before either man could find a finish.

The overtime ruleset matched that of the Eddie Bravo Invitational and it would Krikorian who would get the win via RNC. Krikorian escaped Ronan’s dangerous submission attempt in the second stanza of the first overtime round but squirmed his way out of the choke to take home the victory. For his win he earned a new title belt and $2,500 in cash money.

Another big superfight on the card featured Polaris veteran, Ashley Williams as he faced off against EBI veteran John Battle. These two men would compete to a time limit draw but this match was packed full of action from the very start.

Williams and Battle exchanged multiple positions as they scrambled for leg lock entries. Battle got out on the attack first but was unable to secure the heel hook finish. That created the opening for Williams to attack in the same fashion, but Battle was able to avoid getting finished and came up on top. Williams would continue to look for multiple attacks but wasn’t able to threaten Battle with any near finishes. Each time they would get into another scramble that would lead to openings for both men.

Battle attempted a very tight heel hook of his own that had the crowd wincing in anticipation of a finish, but Williams was able to work his way out and go right back on the offensive. With less than a minute remaining, Battle found his way to Williams back but was unable to secure any type of submission before the match ended.

Show the Art has continued to put on intriguing tournaments and superfights featuring well-known and some lesser-known competitors in the sport. Finishers 6 is available for viewing in its entirety on the Show the ART

Finishers 6 Full Results

Undercard Bouts

Sam Micale (Tai Kai) vs Setente Cuatro (GF Team Massachusetts)

Winner – Setente Cuatro by fastest escape time in overtime

Francis St-Amour (10P Montreal) vs Michael Kastroba (Big Brothers/Vanguard BJJ)

Winner – Kastroba by heel hook in regulation

Tom Clare (KORE BJJ) vs Alec Hooben (Miller Brothers MMA)

Winner – Hooben by triangle choke in regulation

Cory Guitard (10P Montreal) vs Anthony McGlynn (Fight Club Jiu-Jitsu)

Winner – Guitard by heel hook in regulation

Matt Dvorovy (TRBJJ) vs Adam Collarile (914 Training Center)

Winner – Collarile by rear naked choke in regulation

Jon Blank (10P Bethlehem) vs Tom Garrison (Balance BJJ)

Winner – Blank by heel hook in regulation

Joey Hauss (Jean Jacques Machado) vs Brian Demuro (South Jersey BJJ)

Winner – Hauss by straight arm lock in regulation

Merlin Ramos (Ricardo Almeida BJJ) vs D-Boy Masington (Rat Pack/10P Bethlehem)

Winner – Ramos by heel hook in regulation

Eric Sherman (Renzo Gracie) vs Eric Medina (Jean Jacques Machado)

Winner – Medina by armbar in overtime

Tournament First Round Matches

Chris Ulbricht (Garden State BJJ) vs Timothy Macnamara (Renzo Gracie)

Winner – Ulbricht by triangle choke in regulation

Charlie Livingston (10P Bethlehem) vs Emilio Hernandez (Zenith BJJ)

Winner – Hernandez by heel hook in regulation

Damien Anderson (Renzo Gracie) vs Kurt Chase-Patrick (10P Fairfield)

Winner – Anderson by rear naked choke in regulation

Keith Krikorian (10P Freaks) vs Daniel Maira (Marcelo Garcia)

Winner – Krikorian by rear naked choke in overtime

Nick Ronan (Renzo Gracie) vs Brandt Basaran (Carlson Gracie Team Indianapolis)

Winner – Ronan by heel hook in regulation

Rob Best (MVMMA) vs Andrew Kochel (SAS Team)

Winner – Kochel by triangle choke in overtime

Kyvann Gonzalez (Pure MMA) vs Andrew Slater (Dark Clan Fight Lab)

Winner – Gonzalez by armbar in regulation

Ian Murray (Gracie Brandon BJJ) vs James Banville (10P Montreal)

Winner – Murray by heel hook in regulation


Ulbricht vs Hernandez

Winner – Hernandez by heel hook in regulation

Anderson vs Krikorian

Winner – Krikorian by heel hook in regulation

Ronan vs Kochel

Winner – Ronan by rear naked choke in regulation

Gonzalez vs Murray

Winner – Murray by heel hook in regulation


Hernandez vs Krikorian

Winner – Krikorian by heel hook in regulation

Ronan vs Murray

Winner – Ronan by dead orchard armbar in regulation

Tournament Finals

Krikorian vs Ronan

Winner – Krikorian by rear naked choke in overtime

Main Card Superfights

Jordan Holy (The Holy Grail Jiu Jitsu) vs Chris Sodbinow (Brunswick BJJ)

Winner – Sodbinow by rear naked choke in regulation

Edwin “Junny” Ocasio (Unity BJJ) vs Rey Rey De Leon (10th Planet HQ)

Winner – De Leon by rear naked choke in overtime

John Battle (McHugh BJJ) vs Ashley Williams (CRA)

Winner – Draw

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