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Derrick Lewis: I was given ‘some type of steroids’ for my back injury and USADA approved it

Derrick Lewis says he finally found a solution for his nagging back injury.

UFC heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis has been bothered by a nagging back injury for awhile now. It was the injury that forced him out of his scheduled UFC 216 fight against Fabricio Werdum in 2017, which he admitted left him “crying like a big-ass baby.”

On Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour, “The Black Beast” went on to reveal that his recurring back issue has been solved by the new medication that was given to him.

“Right now it’s going pretty good,” Lewis told Luke Thomas (via MMA Fighting). “The shots that I took, they said it should last like 10 to 12 months.”

“It wasn’t stem cells or nothing like that. It was something — they shot me like 20 times in one spot, it was some type of steroids.”

Lewis also confirmed that these steroids have been approved by USADA.

“For sure, yeah. We sent the pictures and sent the name of the medicine that they were gonna shoot into me before I even took it and they (USADA) said that it’s been approved.”

As far as his injury goes, Lewis clarified that it was more of a “muscular” issue, and no discs were damaged.

Lewis will co-headline UFC 229 against Alexander Volkov on October 6th in Las Vegas.