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Fight to Win Pro 79 Full Results - Vitor Oliveira submits Bill Cooper in main event

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Vitor Oliveira submits Bill “The Grill” Cooper with guillotine in featured bout.

Vitor Oliveira was successful in the main event at Fight to Win Pro 79
Mike Calimbas

Fight to Win Pro continues its push as the “biggest party in grappling,” as Fight to Win Pro 79 went down in Columbus, Ohio. The headlining act saw multiple-time IBJJF champion, Vitor Oliveira, defeated another veteran of competitive grappling and mixed martial arts, Bill “The Grill” Cooper.

The main event of the evening showcased how high-level the techniques of both Cooper and Oliveira are in multiple positions. Many competitors are more comfortable in one position over the other; Cooper and Oliveira were content going back and forth throughout the action; exchanging positions and attacking from every angle available.

Oliveira was the more aggressive of the two, as he attempted a variety of submissions, keeping Cooper on the defensive and playing into Fight to Win Pro’s ruleset of submission first. He attempted everything from loop chokes to triangles, but it would be a tight guillotine that secured the victory with three minutes remaining in the matchup. This was Oliveira’s second win with the promotion; his first came earlier this year when he defeated Keith Miner via referee’s decision at Fight to Win Pro 69.

Experienced grapplers Dante Leon and Joe Baize met in an intriguing bout between two competitors that have been a part of multiple grappling organizations such as EBI, Kasai Pro and others. At the end of the day it would be Leon getting his hand raised as he was able to take Baize’s back and sink in the rear naked choke for the finish. Baize was unable to get off much offense as Leon pounced on him from the very start.

David Garmo also had a highlight reel finish on the night as he needed only one minute to submit Jon Stutzman via a tight knee bar. We’ve seen Garmo use that same knee bar in events such as Quintet and the version that he released against Stutzman brought the crowd to their feet.

Fight to Win Pro paid out its fighters $21,410 in salaries and commissions for this event. The next event, Fight to Win Pro 80 is scheduled for this Saturday and features names such as Gabriel Gonzaga, Rick Hawn, and more.

The full event replay can be seen on


Vitor Oliveira defeats Bill Cooper via Guillotine

Chris Larkin defeats Dustin Ware via Split Decision

Dante Leon defeats Joe Baize via Rear Naked Choke

BJ Nelson defeats Adam Hager via Decision

Tom Feister defeats Jordan Sullivan via Decision

David Garmo defeats Jon Stutzman via Knee Bar

Michael Bernhard defeats Cody Miller via Decision

Tyler Buechner defeats Sebastian Gallegos via Armbar

Andrew Sabatino defeats James Fisher via Armbar

Michael Maclean defeats Chico Bays via Triangle

Mike Cheney defeats Daniel Lopez via Decision

Salah Salim defeats Brad Babines via Oma Plata

Brittney Olinda Elkin defeats Allison Linder via Decision

Shawn Fritz defeats Dinos Angelas via Toe Hold

Danny Goss defeats Daniel Mcguire via Armbar

Mike Mason defeats Ramone Kenny via Injury Stoppage

Gary Hensley defeats Joe Bogard via Decision

Jake Miller defeats Ward Hiney via Split Decision

Michael Arrieta defeats Benji Pyles via Triangle

Juan Falcone defeats Ricardo Casanova via Bow and Arrow

Kalijha Reedy defeats Luke Lago via Rear Naked Choke

Aaron Dominic defeats Diogo Couto via Toe Hold

Sonny Ryan Dubetz defeats Eddie Johnson via Decision

Lance Martin defeats Joe Merlo via Split Decision

Christopher Manuel Hardin defeats Ian Lashley via Choke

Aaron Howard defeats Jeremiah Roberts via Kimura

Sarah E Stump defeats Kaida Awen via Split Decision

Zak Edwards defeats Sean Foster via Flying Triangle

Brad Schneider defeats Josh Brown via Decision

Jonathan Stutzman defeats Corey Meeks via Split Decision

Carlie Keeble defeats Katelyn Turner via Rear Naked Choke

Gabe Guevara defeats Axel O’Rzoco via Armbar