If you're not watching Combate Americas, you're missing out

Hey guys!! You may remember Combate Americas as the Latinx-focused promotion that was on UFC Fight Pass over a year ago. Since then, the organization has moved on to Univision, with showcase events airing live on free TV and prelim (and post-lim) bouts streaming live on Facebook through the official account. If you're not caught up on recent happenings, here's a good opportunity to fix that. First up is Erik Perez, who parted ways with the UFC and made his Combate Americas debut in Monterrey against DJ Fuentes, who had defeated him previously in his pro career. Goyito made sure that he wouldn't have the same result as last time, avenging said loss: After that, he took some time to sharpen up his striking with an unexpected new mentor:

Check out Froggy Estrada taking on Vegas-based Rudy Morales at Combate Estrellas in Los Angeles this past April. One of the nuttiest fights I've had the pleasure of seeing in person: As well as the opener for the night, Boricua Joey Ruquet squeezes hard for the finish against Keith Carson: Argentina's Marcelo Rojo notches a vicious knockout and celebrates in an unorthodox manner at Combate Estrellas 2 in Monterrey: Celebration in gif form: Here's Melissa "Super Mely" Martinez collecting scalps with this spectacular finish against Yahaira Romo: And her win against Miesha Tate protege, Chilean fighter Gloria Bravo: You can find plenty of other fun stuff with up to date information via Twitter, as well as plenty of fights on the official YouTube channel. Be sure to also follow on Instagram. More information for upcoming events should be dropping soon. Disclaimer: Victor Rodriguez works as a member of the Combate Americas digital content team.

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