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TUF 27 Finale results: Mike Trizano, Brad Katona win respective ‘Ultimate Fighter’ tournaments

We now have our TUF 27 finalist winners, as Mike Trizano squeaked by Joe Giannetti to win the lightweight division and Brad Katona defeated Jay Cucciniello to claim the featherweight bracket.

MMA: TUF 27 Finale-Cucciniello vs Katona Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The finales of the TUF 27 show have just wrapped up with an undefeated lightweight and an undefeated featherweight earning themselves UFC contracts. At 155 pounds, Mike Trizano walked away as the TUF 27 winner after skimming by Joe Giannetti with a split decision victory. Giannetti started strong, showcasing his clever grappling, but it was Trizano and his leg kicks that continued to pour on the pressure late in the fight. Trizano now sits at 7-0 and has earned himself a chair at the UFC’s lightweight table.

At 145 pounds, Brad Katona was crowned the TUF 27 champion after a stellar performance against Jay Cucciniello. Katona dropped Cucciniello with a left hook in both the first and second rounds, and then deployed a dominating ground game in the final frame. Katona showed a well-rounded set of skills to earn the trip 30-26 unanimous decision, remain undefeated, and secure himself a UFC contract.

TUF 27 Lightweight Finale:

Mike Trizano def. Joe Giannetti by split decision (29-28 x2,28-29)

Giannetti came out striking but quickly changed levels to get an early takedown. Trizano didn’t stay down for very long, but he did give up his back to which Giannetti cleverly pushed off of the fence in an attempt to get the fight to the ground again. Trizano fought to stay upright but Giannetti was determined to tussle on the floor. Giannetti attacked the leg and used it as a way to move on top of his opponent. Trizano locked up a triangle choke in the closing seconds of the round, but Giannetti hung tough until the horn sounded.

Both lightweights came out swinging kicks but it was Trizano who switched it up and found top position. Trizano attacked with an americana, but Giannetti used it as an opportunity to throw up his legs to put them in an awkward north south position. The goofiness continued, as each man elbowed the legs of the other from the stale position, and the referee allowed it to continue until the round ended.

The athletes again exchanged kicks to start the round, with Trizano attacking low and Giannetti going upstairs. Giannetti floated around the outside looking to snipe as Trizano marched forward behind his leg kicks. Trizano continued to be the aggressor and Giannetti started to taunt his opponent in the last thirty seconds for some reason.

Saved by the bell?

TUF 27 Featherweight Finale:

Brad Katona def. Jay Cucciniello by unanimous decision (30-26 x3)

Cucciniello came forward with the pressure to start the fight, and Katona was content to pop shot from the outside. A couple of power shots landed for Cucciniello but Katona wore them well and returned some less lethal volume in response. Katona’s moment came as Cucciniello walked right into a check hook that sent him briefly to the canvas. Cucciniello recovered really quickly and bounced right back up to finish up the round on his feet.

Katona dropped his foe in the second with the same left hook he used to drop Cucciniello in the first round. Cucciniello quickly got up again, but this time Katona blasted a takedown to find the top position. Katona was able to control his opponent for the rest of the round, which was a rather large chunk of time.

Cucciniello again brought the pressure to open the final round, but Katona rushed in and shoved Cucciniello up against the fence where he found a takedown. Katona had his way with Cucciniello on the ground, only allowing space for himself to strike. Cucciniello did not return to his feet for the rest of the round.

Check (hook) please: