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Korean Zombie calls out Frankie Edgar: ‘If you want to fight, get in touch’

Chan Sung Jung sends out a cordial challenge to former lightweight champion and top featherweight contender Frankie Edgar.

UFC Fight Night: Bermudez vs Korean Zombie Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

It has been over a year since Chan Sung Jung last saw action inside the UFC Octagon. He was scheduled to fight Ricardo Lamas at UFC 214 a year ago, but was forced out of the contest due to a rupture on both his ACL and MCL.

Now seemingly healthier and ready to get his career back on track, “The Korean Zombie” is looking at his next options. But if it were up to him, he would be fighting former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.

In a recent 20 Questions session he did with AOMG, the 31-year-old fighter issued a challenge to “The Answer”, but did so in a polite manner, unlike how many of his contemporaries usually do their callouts.

“Frankie Edgar, are you watching?” he said (via FanSided). “I guess from your point of view; you don’t want to fight. You really don’t, but there’s really no one to fight. So if you want to fight, get in touch.”

Edgar last fought in Atlantic City in his home state of New Jersey last April in a rematch against Cub Swanson, where he won via unanimous decision.