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Former UFC rivals Carlos Condit and Rory MacDonald to train together

Both Condit and MacDonald will train together at Tristar Gym in Canada.

Rory MacDonald and Carlos Condit have been near the top of the welterweight division for years, and both men have reputations for being among the most entertaining and violent fighters in the sport.

They fought back in 2010, in a back and forth Fight of the Night bout that Condit won. Fast forward to 2018, and these former rivals are set to join forces.

“I’m actually sending Carlos Condit up to Tristar,” Brandon Gibson told Luke Thomas at the MMA Hour. “He’s gonna get a little work in with Rory and (Tristar head coach) Firas (Zahabi) and help Rory for the Mousasi fight. So I’m happy that Carlos gets to go out there and get a new look and pick up some new tools and get a new atmosphere and environment.”

“I think Carlos and Rory just talked and the offer was there and the opportunity and the timing was right, so go for it,” he said.

According to the JacksonWink striking coach in Gibson, cross training is something he generally suggests to fighters who needs a fresh look at things.

“Sometimes you just get to a point where you get a little stagnant, you get caught in your rhythms. And it’s good for those fighters to go out and try some new stuff.”

Their original bout saw the then 20-year-old MacDonald win most of the exchanges for three rounds, until Condit managed to pull off a comeback and score a TKO at the last seven seconds of the contest. They were booked for a rematch three years later at UFC 158, but was scrapped due to an injury to MacDonald.

Both fighters came thisclose to winning the UFC title in recent years, with each of them also gaining a reputations as one of the best action fighters in MMA.

The top ranked MacDonald has since left the UFC to join Bellator as free agent, and has won organization’s the welterweight title. He is moving up to challenge Gegard Mousasi for the middleweight strap this September.

As for the former WEC champ, Condit is in a string of four tough losses. This dates back to his 2016 championship loss to Robbie Lawler, a decision that most believed he should’ve won.