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UFC double champion Daniel Cormier: ‘It’s not that hard’ to not test positive for PEDs

UFC double champion Daniel Cormier calls out PED users, as he gives his own assessment on where he is in the “GOAT” conversation.

UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier has been proud about not being involved in any PED-related scandal his entire professional career. For “DC”, this fact alone automatically puts him in the Greatest of All-Time conversation.

Now that he was able to achieve a rare feat of simultaneously holding world titles in two weight classes, the 39-year-old Cormier is now more assured of his status as one of the sport’s greatest.

Demetrious Johnson, Georges St-Pierre, these guys have none of these bad things tied to their names and these are the guys I should share the conversation with,” Cormier said on the Slip ‘n Dip podcast (transcript via MMANYTT). “I’ve never had any negatives and I’ve never had to go in front of any commission and explain why my test came up messed up. That’s why I should be in the conversation because I’ve done things the correct way.

“I’ve been tested by USADA since 2001 and I’ve never once had anything come up,” he added. “It’s really not that hard to not test positive. Whether it be tainted supplements or anything else. You just don’t cheat. Don’t cheat and you don’t fail the test. It’s really not that hard.”

Cormier’s first challenge would likely be his maiden heavyweight title defense against former champion Brock Lesnar, a fight that he declared would be his last. With that in mind, he is hoping that the ex-WWE star would be able to render clean test results this time around.

“Well I think he had a USADA exemption or something, I’m not exactly sure, but now he’s having to be tested like every other athlete,” Cormier said of Lesnar. “He’s got to be tested for six straight months and trust me, they will test you.”

“I’ve been tested 32 times USADA came on board, 32 times, so he’s going to get tested. If he’s clean for six months, then obviously he’s not doing steroids so let’s keep our fingers crossed.”

USADA recently confirmed that Lesnar was re-entered into the testing pool last July 3rd, but would not be eligible to compete until after January 8th, 2019.

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