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Dana White drops $1 mil on son’s massive 16th birthday bash

The UFC president is no stranger to wild spending when it comes to his kids, and after throwing his son Dana a huge party for his 16th last year, his son Aidan’s 16th had to go even bigger.

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When Dana White’s son, Dana Jr., got a BMW and a huge party at Las Vegas’ Brooklyn Bowl featuring Kendrick Lamar for his 16th birthday, a standard was set. After all, you can’t pull out all the stops for one of your kids and not do the same for the other.

So, when White’s younger son Aidan turned 16 this year, it comes as no surprise that White made sure this party was even bigger than his brother’s. The event, “Aidan’s 16th Day-Night Party,” was hosted at the Drai’s rooftop pool on the Vegas strip and included musical acts Migos, Everlast, DJ Carnage, and A$AP Rocky, according to a report in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

“We were wondering how we were going to top Dana’s party,” White told the LVRJ, “but we did it.”

Beyond the music and the event setting, White also bought his son a customized Land Rover Defender. All told the price tag for the event reportedly topped $1,000,000.

TMZ got some footage from the party.

And White posted a video to Instagram of Aidan doing a some celebratory crowd surfing.

Back in 2013, White had a snow machine brought to his Las Vegas home, so he could give his family a chance to go sledding on Christmas. And apparently even paid out $2,500 a month in fines for 5 years running at one point, in order to construct a massive backyard pool for his kids that didn’t meet HOA regulations. While these 16th birthday parties may be a new high bar, they’re by no means the first time he’s been willing to drop a lot of cash to make his sons happy.