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UFC Hamburg results: Azaitar decisively decisions Miranda, Tybura slips past Struve

Abu Azaitar won a decision over Vitor Miranda and Marcin Tybura won a decision over Stefan Struve on the UFC Hamburg main card.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Hamburg-Tybura vs Struve Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC Hamburg main card is underway, and Abu Azaitar just won a unanimous decision over Vitor Miranda. Azaitar came out swinging, throwing all sorts of heavy hooks to both the head and body, but Miranda weathered the storm rather well. Miranda looked to deploy a ground attack, but wasn’t able to mount much offense, whereas Azaitar racked up all sorts of strikes.

The promotion’s #9 heavyweight Marcin Tybura and the #13 Stefan Struve went the distance, with Tybura doing work on the ground but having to overcome being hurt on the feet. Tybura walked away with the unanimous decision to move to 17-4 in his career, and also get himself back into the win column.

Danny Roberts and David Zawada scrambled back and forth in a rather competitive affair, but when it was all said and done it was Roberts who walked away with the split decision. One of the judges saw the bout 30-27 in favor of Zawada, with the other two seeing it 29-28 for Roberts. Opening up the main card, Nasrat Haqparast won first place in a Kelvin Gastelum lookalike contest, and also marched down Marc Diakiese for the bulk of 15 minutes to earn the unanimous decision.

Check out the full results below:

Main Card:

Abu Azaitar def. Vitor Miranda by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): Middleweight

Azaitar came out hot, ripping to the head and body of Miranda with heavy leather. Miranda was blocking, but the power was smashing right through his guard. Azaitar continued to rip away, throwing heaters at his opponent, but Miranda absorbed it all rather well and picked up a takedown to slow down the tempo. Azaitar scrambled back to his feet and uncorked a mad flurry to close out the round with excitement.

The body work of Azaitar continued into the second round, forcing Miranda to go for the takedown. Azaitar would not be held down for very long, but Miranda went back in and got himself another takedown. Azaitar scrambled his way into top position but the referee stood them back up after a lull. Azaitar blasted a takedown to open up the final round, but Miranda locked up an armbar. Azaitar escaped and locked up an inverted triangle, but Miranda escaped into top position. Around and around they went, with each man jockeying for position as time ran out.

Azaitar finished up the first round with authority:

Marcin Tybura def. Stefan Struve by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): Heavyweight

Struve gave up an early takedown to Tybura, but the referee stood them up after a lack of action. Tybura cracked his foe with a couple of punches, while Struve scored with a set of leg kicks. In a wise move, Tybura blasted a late takedown to finish the round on top.

Tybura took the fight right back to the ground in the second round. The referee got into a brief argument with Struve during a brief timeout, as the official warned Struve about his toes in the cage. A big elbow busted open the mouth of Struve, which encouraged him to stand back to his feet. A brutal front kick cracked Tybura clean, followed by some more clean shots form Struve. Tybura was able to achieve a takedown to give himself time to recover and finish the round on top.

Struve answered the final bell with a gruesome cut just below his bottom lip, but it didn’t seem to bother the veteran any. Struve looked pretty confident on the feet, landing some good shots, but ended up giving up the takedown. Tybura unloaded elbows and punches alike to finish up the round strong.


Check out this big front kick to the face:

Danny Roberts def. David Zawada by split decision (29-28 x2, 27-30): Welterweight

Roberts got to work with his hands right away before locking up a brief standing guillotine. Zawada went for a sacrifice throw but failed, giving Roberts the top position. Several strikes dropped down for Roberts as Zawada struggled to get back to his feet. The welterweights began to brawl for a moment to kick off the second round, until Zawada hit that sacrifice throw. Zawada landed on top but jumped a guillotine, gifting top position to Roberts. A sweep would give Zawada the top position again, but lost it when he jumped on another guillotine.

A labored shot allowed for a moment where Zawada could lock up a D’arce, but Roberts hung tough and took top position. A bunch of scrambles ensued, but Roberts was able to pin down Zawada long enough to rack up several ground strikes. More scrambles followed, and then a few more ground strikes from Roberts as time expired.

Nasrat Haqparast def. Marc Diakiese by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26): Lightweight

Diakiese came out launching kicks at Haqparast, but also ripped to the body with the hands. The jab of Diakiese kept pumping out into the face of Haqparast, making his foe respect the space. When Diakiese went to rip the body again, Haqparast blitzed forward with a punching combo that landed clean.

A Diakiese eye poke paused the action as soon as the second round started, but Haqparast went right back to work with his pressure as soon as time was called back in. Diakiese did a good job of getting his range back, and returned to letting his punches go like he did early in round one. Haqparast blasted a southpaw left that sent Diakiese backpedaling, and followed up as Diakiese buckled to the canvas. Just when it appeared as if Haqparast was going to get the finish, the bell sounded.

Haqparast continued to press forward in the final frame, landing heavy left hands as Diakiese moved backwards. Haqparast dropped Diakiese with a leg kick, allowed him to get up, and then resumed marching him down for the remainder of the round.

Diakiese was saved by the bell there in the second round:

Once on the inside, Haqparast was able to hit his target: