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Oleksandr Usyk vs. Murat Gassiev live streaming results, round-by-round updates

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Get round by round results and full fight coverage here for the World Boxing Super Series cruiserweight final between Oleksandr Usyk and Murat Gassiev.


The World Boxing Super Series cruiserweight final is here! Today (Saturday, July 21st) features Oleksandr Usyk (14-0, 11 KOs) against Murat Gassiev (26-0-1 NC, 19 KOs) for the inaugural Muhammad Ali Trophy, as well as all four major belts, giving the winner the distinction of being called the undisputed champion.

Moscow’s Olympic Stadium is the site of this fight, as Russia’s Gassiev looks to win in front of his home fans against Ukraine’s Usyk, who’s two previous tournament victories were in enemy territory. This really is the best fighting the best, and many boxing fans are eager to see this showdown.

Bloody Elbow is here to provide live round-by-round coverage of the main event, which is expected to start at about 5 PM ET/2 PM PT. The undercard is expected to start at around 11 AM ET/8 AM PT, but the US broadcast won’t begin until 3 PM ET/12 PM PT. KlowdTV is streaming the fight for $9.99, while ITV Box Office has the bout in the United Kingdom, and Super Channel Fuse is airing it in Canada.

Oleksandr Usyk vs. Murat Gassiev

Round 1 - Here we go! All the belts on the line. Usyk comes out and jabs twice from southpaw straight away. Straight left by Usyk. Sweeping counter left by Usyk as he tries to touch up Gassiev’s face. Gassiev taking his time early. He jabs Usyk to the body. Left hook to the body now by Gassiev. Good left upstairs by Gassiev that clips Usyk. Another jab scores for Usyk. Two more jabs by Usyk, this may be a theme throughout the fight. 10-9 Usyk.

Round 2 - Usyk jabbing with a little more power to start this round. Left hook comes up short for Gassiev. Good three-punch combo by Gassiev and a hard body shot! Usyk works behind the jab and lands a straight left, then another one to the body. Counter left tags Gassiev. Murat with a jab. Usyk ducks a Gassiev left hand. Usyk with a right hand around Gassiev’s guard. Stinging body blow by Gassiev. The Russian comes forward with a mini-flurry. Lands a body shot then gets countered before the round ends. 20-18 Usyk.

Round 3 - Gassiev jabs to the midsection. Lands a short left up top. Hard right to the body partially lands for Gassiev. He just misses an uppercut. One more body shot by Gassiev. Usyk with a quick left hand. Counter left by Usyk and he makes Gassiev miss his left hand. Solid jab by Usyk. Uppercut by Gassiev. Lunging right by Gassiev but he can’t catch Usyk. Left hook upstairs and then a body shot by Gassiev. Usyk’s workrate is the story so far and he’s landed another body shots. They trade on the inside but Usyk is landing more. 30-27 Usyk.

Round 4 - Left hook to the liver by Gassiev gets the crowd’s attention. Then another one! Usyk with a jab-uppercut combo but neither of those shots landed. Jab again by Usyk snaps Gassiev’s head back. Uppercut by Usyk catches Gassiev! Best punch of the fight from him. Fast four-punch combination by Usyk. Gassiev walks forward and is way off-target on a body shot. Rare jab for Gassiev to the head. Usyk gets hit with a huge right hand just before the round ends! 40-36 Usyk.

Round 5 - Usyk resumes picking Gassiev apart from distance. Their legs may have tangled as Usyk stumbled back. Body shot by Gassiev. Straight left to the body in return by Usyk. Gassiev is unable to land his left hook upstairs. Great left by Usyk and then another one. Gassiev is struggling with Usyk’s consistent offensive output. Gassiev just about tripped Usyk so action is halted for a brief second. Good body shot by Gassiev. Still an Usyk round. 50-45 Usyk.

Round 6 - Gassiev on the front foot trying to pressure Usyk, but the footwork is just too good. Double hooks to the body by Gassiev. He doubles up again. Solid combination by Usyk momentarily stops Gassiev in his tracks. Right hook by Usyk is blocked. Left hook to the body by Gassiev, then Usyk responds with a flurry of head shots. Sharp left by Gassiev. Usyk answers back and Gassiev appeared to be bothered by those shots! Two lefts by Usyk. Gassiev clipped by a right hook. Murat with a jab and a right hand over the top. 60-54 Usyk.

Round 7 - Left hook to the body by Gassiev but Usyk drills him with four, five more punches to the head. Counter jab by Usyk. Sweeping right to the stomach by Gassiev. Three punches by Usyk, just peppering Gassiev with volume. Gassiev gets backed up by several quality shots by Usyk! Gassiev then comes forward and hits Usyk low. Right hand by Gassiev hits Usyk’s glove. Quick right hook by Usyk in response, and then a left to the body. Hard right hand by Gassiev but Usyk takes it without issue. Another right hand by Gassiev connects. Gassiev complained about something just before the round ended. 70-63 Usyk.

Round 8 - It’s target practice for Usyk at the moment. Gassiev is frustrated and throwing in single shots. Mesmerizing combo by Usyk as Gassiev gets clocked repeatedly. Hard uppercut by Usyk. Straight left by Usyk snaps Gassiev’s head back. Fast right hand just misses for Gassiev. Another left by Usyk. Clean right hand by Gassiev. The next one he threw was well off-target. Usyk stings Gassiev’s face again with the jab. Three-punch combo by Usyk. A 2-1 down the middle. It’s all Usyk in Russia. 80-72 Usyk.

Round 9 - Usyk on the attack and puts Gassiev against the ropes momentarily and tees off. They’re back to the center of the ring and Gassiev connects on a right hand. Usyk just moving effortlessly and Gassiev continues to get beaten around the ring. Strong right by Gassiev but he needs more than that. Five unanswered punches by Usyk, then Gassiev clubs with a right, and he eats another jab. Right hook by Usyk and then a bunch of tapping jabs. He’s toying with a world-class opponent. Big uppercut by Usyk to punctuate another masterful round! 90-81 Usyk.

Round 10 - Triple left hand by Usyk. Gassiev with a left hook to the temple. The moments are too far and far between. Usyk eats a straight right hand, then comes back with several short shots. Hard body shot by Gassiev! Quick four-punch combo by Usyk and then a right hook that freezes up Gassiev. Good right hand by Gassiev to the head. Right hook and straight left by Usyk, then a straight left and a right hook. Gassiev is trying but he looks bewildered in there. Three jabs and a left as Usyk wins another frame. 100-90 Usyk.

Round 11 - Usyk keeping Gassiev at the end of his jab. Loops in a right hook. Body shot and right hand by Usyk and then a left as he moves away from Gassiev with consummate ease. Accidental clash of heads but the fight continues. There’s a good right by Gassiev as Usyk retreats, then just clocks Gassiev several times like he’s a rank amateur. Uppercuts, body shots, power lefts. This is amazing. Gassiev with a sloppy looking body shot. Usyk toying with him and there’s a round to go. 110-99 Usyk.

Round 12 - Gassiev needs a miracle. He gets tagged with a left hand. Gassiev appeared to be rocked there! That right by Usyk moved Gassiev’s legs. Usyk with a counter right. Gassiev is bereft of answers. Another combo by Usyk. Gassiev with a right on the inside. Usyk with an uppercut while backing up. This is Lomachenko-esque! Final minute and Gassiev throws a pretty obvious low blow, the ref misses it, and then Usyk pops him with a left. Usyk does the Ali Shuffle to end the fight, as he’s won the Muhammad Ali Trophy and is now the undisputed cruiserweight champion! 120-108 Usyk.

Official result: Oleksandr Usyk def. Murat Gassiev by unanimous decision (120-108, 119-109, 119-109) to win the World Boxing Super Series cruiserweight final